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The Daily SuperHero believes in being transparent with all scoops and knows that no one is perfect when it comes to these types of stories. So below you can see all the scoops published since the branding change in 9/2012 and if they've been confirmed, debunked, or still to be determined.

SCOOP RECORD: 28 Confirmed, 2 Debunked

-9/2012 Christopher Nolan to direct Bond 24, 25 - DEBUNKED 5/2013

-10/2012 Disney needs to resolve Indiana Jones distribution rights with Paramount before developing any future films - CONFIRMED 12/2013

-10/2012 Marvel Studios has some interest in actor Bradley Cooper for a future movie project - CONFIRMED 8/2013

-2/2013 Star Wars Episode VII to film in UK - CONFIRMED 5/2013

-4/2013 Captain America: The Winter Soldier to film on Lorain Ave. Bridge in Cleveland - CONFIRMED 5/2013

-4/2013 Big chase scene in Captain America: The Winter Soldier to be filmed on Cleveland's Shoreway - CONFIRMED 5/2013

-5/2013 Hasbro in talks to expand Iron Man 3 movie toy line with more articulated figures - CONFIRMED 7/2013

-5/2013 Three new Captain America: The Winter Soldier Cleveland locations revealed at two residential houses and at a church - CONFIRMED 5/2013

-5/2013 Captain America: The Winter Soldier location revealed at Cleveland State University - CONFIRMED 5/2013

-6/2013 Universal Studios owns the distribution right for solo Hulk movies, not Disney - CONFIRMED 4/2015

-6/2013 Captain America: The Winter Soldier Cleveland Clinic location revealed - CONFIRMED 6/2013

-6/2013 Captain America: The Winter Soldier new location at Cleveland Museum of Art - CONFIRMED 6/2013

-6/2013 Doctor Strange announcement coming at SDCC 2013 - DEBUNKED 

-6/2013 S.H.I.E.L.D. to debut their headquarters (which could be named the Triskelion, as in the comics) in Captain America: The Winter Soldier - CONFIRMED 2/2014

-8/2013 Disney and Lucasfilm have Star Wars movie development heavily protected to prevent leaks - CONFIRMED 1/2014

-8/2013 Final scene of Captain America: The Winter Soldier revealed - CONFIRMED 4/2014
Original link / Confirmed in the movie

-10/2013 Disney is in talks and considering Indiana Jones 5 behind closed doors - CONFIRMED

-11/2013 Marvel Studios wants actor Paul Rudd really bad for a role in Ant-Man - CONFIRMED 11/2013

-12/ 2013 Marvel Studios really wants Benedict Cumberbatch for a future movie franchise - CONFIRMED 10/2014 

-12/2013 Marvel Studios to film reshoots in January for Captain America: The Winter Soldier - CONFIRMED 1/2014

-12/2013 Marvel Studios will release a new trailer for Captain America: The Winter Soldier during Super Bowl XLVIII - CONFIRMED 1/2014

-12/2013 Captain America: The Winter Soldier is testing very well in internal screenings - CONFIRMED 1/2014

-2/2014 A trident is being considered as the MacGuffin for Pirates of the Caribbean 5 - CONFIRMED 2/2015

-4/2014 Marvel pushes back Ant-Man filming start date two months - CONFIRMED 5/2014

-5/2014 Hasbro to release Marvel Infinite Series action figure wave for Guardians of the Galaxy - CONFIRMED 5/2014

-6/2014 Flash to cameo in robbery scene in Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice - CONFIRMED
Original post link / Confirmed in the movie

-6/2014 Falcon seen filming scene(s) on the set of Avengers: Age of Ultron, in April 2014 - CONFIRMED 2/2016
Original post link / Confirmed via Age of Ultron movie poster credits list

-10/2014 Leaked Deadpool movie script goes through major rewrites now that it's been greenlit - CONFIRMED 2/2015

-3/2015 Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 & 2 will film back-to-back - CONFIRMED 4/2015

-7/2015 Funko to have Star Wars and DC subscription box services - CONFIRMED 9/ 2015


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