ANT-MAN: Marvel Wants Paul Rudd But Looming 'Anchorman 2' Release May be Slowing Negotiations

A few weeks back, word got out that Marvel Studios were eyeing up either actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt or Paul Rudd as the lead in 2015's Ant-Man movie. Then a day or two after that, it was reported Marvel was looking at Rashida Jones for the role of Janet van Dyne (a.k.a. Wasp).

Last week, Schmoes Know reported that negotiations were getting close between Marvel and Rudd and Jones but nothing was signed on the dotted line. Now, this week there is yet another development in the Ant-Man casting news world.

One of The Daily SuperHero's insiders has provided information saying that one of the issues with signing Rudd right now is the pending release of his next potential blockbuster film, Anchorman 2. While Rudd is just a supporting actor in the film, the source says his stock will be as high as ever after the film becomes a huge hit this holiday season. (Some speculation by the source there but let's be honest in agreeing that Anchorman 2 will make a ton of box office cash.)

Rudd's new film is sounding like what could be holding up Marvel from agreeing to a deal to be in Ant-Man. And Rudd's people may be using his upcoming film as leverage for a more lucrative deal. No reason to doubt that any of this is not true but it can also be considered common sense as well. Still worthy of writing up and reporting though.

Regardless of what may or may not be holding up the casting process for the lead in Ant-Man, it definitely sounds like Marvel wants Rudd in their Marvel Cinematic Universe. Finally, just a quick moment of opinion to say that, The Daily SuperHero thinks this is a fantastic casting choice that falls in line with how Marvel hires actors who are not the biggest names in Hollywood as leads in their films (ie. Helmsworth, Evans, Pratt).

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