Monday, January 20, 2014

Marvel Video Game Downloads Keep Disappearing and a New Deal With Electronic Arts Could be Coming

If there's one entertainment business who can compete with (and sometimes dominate) the film industry it's the video game industry. Video gaming is big money and with the next wave of "The console wars" a full go—with the Nintendo Wii U, Playstation 4 and XBox One all out and battling for supremacy—there is no slowing down in the gaming biz.

Older Marvel games are beginning to disappear from digital download sites and some in the industry are beginning to theorize Activision's license on Marvel video games expired when the 2014 calendar rolled in. Nothing has been confirmed by Marvel Entertainment or Disney but it has been told to The Daily SuperHero, by one of my insiders, that Disney was never a big fan of Activision having the gaming license since the House of the Mouse bought Marvel several years ago. The source also says Electronic Arts may get the Marvel games license very soon, too.

Also, and to corroborate this potential change in video game publishers, when Disney bought Lucasfilm they closed down the video gaming wing and licensed out future Star Wars games to Electronic Arts. First up for them is a franchise reboot, Star Wars: Battlefront.

But back to Marvel. There has been somewhat of a lull in Marvel video games since 2012. During this time movies such as Iron Man 3 and Thor: The Dark World have been released without any video game to go along with them, the exception being mobile games loosely based on some them. Prior to Iron Man 3, every Marvel film had a game released with it. Perhaps sales and game quality were so bad Disney and Marvel decided to stop production of tie-in video games. (Many will applaud to that last sentence.)

However, in 2013, a Deadpool video game was released and published by Activision and sales were not bad but not stellar and even though the writing in the game were tremendously fantastic... sales numbers rule. A quick note from my source says that even though a video game for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has been in development it could be Activision's last release as well, but this has not been confirmed by my source. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes was not an Activistion game at all.

What is going on right now is unknown but a logical guess says a new video gaming licensing deal might be announced by Disney and Marvel Entertainment saying Electronic Arts will be Marvel's gaming publisher moving forward.

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