Friday, February 7, 2014

Rumor: Could PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES' MacGuffin be a Magical Trident?

After getting pushed back from a summer 2015 release to a summer 2016 release Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean franchise is gearing up its script and plot for Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales right now.

According to one of The Daily SuperHero's insiders, Pirates 5 is currently in the midst of finalizing its script. It's story is getting some final tweaks and one of the tweaks has the film's MacGuffin potentially being a magical trident. While the script is still being finalized, my insider claims a magical trident is also be one of a few different MacGuffin's being considered as the plot device in the final script for the fifth film in the Pirates franchise.

Editor Note: It was been reported back in November 2013 that a trident could be in the fifth film, but since this has now resurfaced from my own source it seems logical to report on this topic once again.

Immediately, it can be assumed the trident potentially being considered could be Poseidon's trident. Especially since the Pirates franchise revolves around the ocean and Poseidon is the Greek God of the Sea. However, it has been reported in the past that the film's plot may revolve around witchcraft and magic; so a magical trident could make sense if that past report is still valid.

Without any definitive confirmation beyond what my insider has heard and told me, this should be taken as rumor since a magical trident is still one of several MacGuffin objects being considered. And in case you need a recap on what a MacGuffin is, it's a plot device that moves a story forward with characters in pursuit of it.