Captain America: The Winter Soldier EXCLUSIVE! Shooting Location Confirmed at Fairview Bridge, in Cleveland

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is still in the final pre-production phase. But full production is set to begin in the Greater Cleveland area late April or very early in May.

Marvel Studios has already begun the hiring process in Northeast Ohio by taking resumes for crew positions on the Greater Cleveland Film Commission's website. Also, on the GCFC's website they recently announced casting for extras and, today, announced they are looking for a couple speaking roles. Those speaking parts are specifically for two military personnel roles and a very skinny actor is needed as well.

All this auditioning information can be found on the GCFC's website, at

But let's get into some shooting location talk. Previously, it has been rumored that Marvel was scouting locations for shoots in the Cleveland area and were considering the Memorial Shoreway as well as several bank locations in Downtown Cleveland.

The Daily SuperHero has acquired information from a source extremely close to the production confirming an actual shooting location for Captain America's sequel. The source has to remain anonymous, however, said that he/she will indeed have insider access for at least one on-set visit during the shoot in Cleveland. This location is the, and locally known as, Fairview Bridge (Lorain Ave. Bridge) just down the street from both the Fairview Hospital and Kamm's Plaza, along the city's border. See the map and arrows at the end of this post for a more detailed location.

The Fairview Bridge as seen from Cleveland's Metroparks

The Daily SuperHero's source said shooting will happen on the bridge and a giant green screen will be placed on the side of the bridge so Marvel Studios can CG a background into the scene(s). It seems to be implied that a New York City background will be put in place since Cap 2's story is speculated to take place in NYC.

No date of the shoot was confirmed though. Finally, it was told to us that Marvel is still scouting locations in the Cleveland area right now.

More information is sure to come as The Daily SuperHero will be right in the middle, and your in-town source, for Captain America: The Winter Soldier production details and exclusives. That's what happens when Marvel comes into our backyard to shoot their movie.

Stay tuned.