STAR WARS EPISODE VII Development is "Hidden Away With Armed Guards" by Disney and J.J. Abrams

The Disney D23 Expo was a big letdown for Star Wars fans and a really a big letdown, generally speaking. This shouldn't be any surprise since the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con was only a couple weeks prior and the biggest announcements were made there.

But what about 2015's Star Wars Episode VII? Many reporters, insiders and websites all have been hearing rumors that Disney would use D23 as their stage to announcement things for Star Wars Episode VII. Sadly, the only thing Disney had to say about Star Wars was to once again confirm that standalone films will be coming out in their newly-acquired franchise.

All of this has left everyone scratching their heads wondering what is going on with the development of the film.

Now, according to one of The Daily SuperHero's insiders, a new piece of information is being heard in Hollywood circles and its that Episode VII is "hidden away" per the request of Disney and director J.J. Abrams.

"Right now Star Wars development has been hidden away with armed guards and moved someplace safe that I can only compare to it being as close to the core of Earth as possible," the source, jokingly, said. "Abrams doesn't like leaks and he definitely does not want anyone finding out any info about the new movie. It pretty much sounds to me like armed guards are near certain important people who are working on this movie, 24/7."

It's tough to really confirm or deny this new rumor because of all the secrecy surrounding the next Star Wars movie but it is a fact that Abrams' past movie projects have not had many leaks in his past productions. So it would makes sense to protect all-things Star Wars Episode VII while its in development. Whether "armed guards" are present or not remain to be seen, but it wouldn't be a surprise if added security measures are in place to prevent all leaks.

By the sounds of this information, not much is going to be heard about Star Wars Episode VII unless someone within the production and development camp has a few too many drinks one random night. (We can only hope someone close to the movie gets really thirsty one night.)