James Bond Rumor: Christopher Nolan Could Write and Direct the Next 2 Daniel Craig 007 Movies

MGM / Columbia Pictures
Back in June, Christopher Nolan said he is "serious" in wanting to write and direct a James Bond movie. Well it seems a new rumor has surfaced in the wake of some other brand new news.

The news that actor Daniel Craig has signed on to play 007 for two more films has generated a rumor that is buzzing around Hollywood inner circles, according to one of our sources. The rumor states that Nolan is a big fan of Craig's portrayal of England's greatest spy and in order to work with him Nolan needed the actor to sign on for at least two more movies. Nolan is also rumored to be working on a Bond story that could span across two films.

Sound like a solid theory that could be true down the road.

Of course this would all happen after Skyfall hits theaters this November but having Nolan and Craig paired up for two future Bond movies could seriously bring the franchise back in a big way. There is no writer/director hotter than Nolan right now and the draw of having him possibly helm two Bond films could see 007 become bigger than he has ever been in the cinema world. And that's saying a lot since the movie franchise has been around for over six decades now.

If this rumor becomes truth, there will be many happy people from both of the Bond and Nolan fan bases.

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