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Marvel Studios is releasing Captain America: The Winter Soldier in just over four months from right now. Think about that ... April 4, 2014 is not that far away now that the new year is upon us!

While The Daily SuperHero has exclusively reported the December reshoots for the Captain America sequel had Nick Fury, Maria Hill and Falcon appear for some more camera work, I also reported the January reshoots have been cut down to only a couple of days. But before the production crew reassembles in January for a few more days of reshoots, an edit of the film is being shown right now.

Per my production source, a current edit of the sequel has been shown to a few close to the production and it's said to be testing so well that some, who have seen it, have mentioned it as testing better than past Marvel Studios films. Specific details were not given and let's be honest in saying Marvel Studios may have planted this information in order for it to 'leak' and start creating a positive buzz for the April film. Call it a marketing ploy if you will, and if true.

However, Captain America: The Winter Soldier is the most important film of all the Phase 2 films so far and really needs to be an amazing film to help connect the dots of a much larger story in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As mentioned by Marvel Studios executives over the past few months, the Cap sequel is the key to Phase 2 and brings together the chain of events from Iron Man 3 and Thor: The Dark World to Phase 2's ensemble film finale, Avengers: Age of Ultron, in May 2015. Captain America: The Winter Soldier has also been referred to as being "The Avengers 1.5."

Finally, and this is more rumor right now than anything since it hasn't been confirmed by anyone else, another source has told The Daily SuperHero that Captain America: The Winter Soldier will have a new trailer ready for the Super Bowl in February. This trailer is said to follow in the footsteps of Iron Man 3. Meaning an extended cut of the Super Bowl trailer will also be released online when the trailer is revealed during one of the commercial breaks of the big sports event.

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