Scoop: GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY to Get Their Own Marvel Infinite Action Figure Wave This Summer

Movies and their toys. It's all about money.

So far, Guardians of the Galaxy has a few LEGO sets and other action figures to co-exist with this summer's release. But now it seems like the ragtag team of misfits will also get some toys based on their comic book counterparts.

According to The Daily SuperHero's source at Hasbro, a new Marvel Infinite series is coming in July. The 3.75-inch, highly articulated figures in this new series will feature a Rocket Raccoon and Groot 2-pack, Star-Lord and Drax the Destroyer in their comic book universe versions (not their movie versions). Obviously, Gamora is missing from this wave but it was also hinted to me that Hasbro might be working on including her in a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive pack this summer.

No images were made available of these figures but rest assured they are coming this summer. Stay tuned as I will update when I learn more of receive any photos of this newly revealed wave of figures.

UPDATE: This scoop has been confirmed after the online toy store posted a preorder for this series, which also includes a Wonder Man figure too.

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