Exclusive Report! FLASH Cameo Filmed For BATMAN V. SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE


Did you already think Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice was too crowded with heroes like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Cyborg? Since it's setting up a big ensemble Justice League movie, BvS has gotten a bit more crowded. Kind of.

Before filming began for BvS there was a report by Batman-News stating production was scouting convenience store locations for a scene. The Daily SuperHero can corroborate this report and add some highly interesting details about it.

According to The Daily SuperHero's insider, the scene is indeed a robbery and security cameras inside the store were used for the scene. During the convenient store robbery a sudden "flash of wind" is seen in the security camera footage and revealed to me as being a cameo tease for the Flash.

No further details were provided as to what actually happened during the scene but it can be assumed Flash uses his super speed to stop the robbery and special effects will be added to the security camera footage. It was also stated that only the security camera footage will be used in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice for this sequence. In other words, it sounds like an Easter Egg tease for the Flash for his introduction in a potential Justice League movie.

Before anyone says it could be Superman stopping the robbery with his speed. It was specifically told to me that it's not Superman using his super speed and that it was definitely Flash.

Nothing has been confirmed by Warner Bros., DC Entertainment or any of the large trade websites so stay tuned as more information about this scene could be coming soon. Or we'll have to wait until the movie releases on May 6, 2016 to get actual confirmation of Flash's possible cameo in BvS.

(Read more about the actual convenient store location, when it was selected to be in the film, by clicking right here.)

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