Is it Weird That Jon Hamm Can't Talk About DOCTOR STRANGE While Looking a Reporter in the Eyes?

Earlier this year, one of The Daily SuperHero's insiders heard some whispers in Hollywood circles stating that actor Jon Hamm's name may have been thrown around behind closed doors at Marvel Studios. While nothing came of that rumor report, it was reported as rumor and nothing more than that.
One website went on to claim Hamm was definitely cast as Doctor Strange, back in January, and if this was true then it would've been officially announced last month at Comic-Con.

Now Hamm's name has popped back up because the website Digital Spy caught up with the actor and asked him about past rumor reports, from other websites, regarding Doctor Strange.

"The funny thing about the Internet is you can have rumors go on about possible jobs and possible things that you have no idea about... It's funny when the Internet knows more about you than you do but maybe they've been talking to someone at Marvel. "

While Hamm answers the inquiry there is something distinctly odd about his bod language. At first you can tell he's looking directly into the eyes of the reporter but throughout his responses he can't look at the reporter at all. At the end of his answer, Hamm adds he adds how he likes Doctor Strange.

"I certainly wasn't approached about it, but I do like Doctor Strange. He's a cool character."

Is this just the next actor who cannot keep a straight face because he was in talks with Marvel Studios in the past or perhaps is currently in talks? Maybe but that's a lot of speculation based purely on his body language.

Previously, actors Paul Rudd and more recently Chadwick Boseman have joined the 'Hall of Fame of Terrible Liars' when addressing Marvel rumors. Rudd for Ant-Man — who was cast in the lead role — and Boseman regarding Black Panther which is still in development but it seems like he may have possibly been approached about it at some point in the recent past.

Did Hamm giveaway that he has been or is in talks with Marvel? That's for you to decide. Until Marvel Studios reveals which actor will portray the good Doctor, it's still a mystery and everything else is conjecture right now.

Watch Hamm's reaction in the interview video below.