Marvel Studios Might be Targeting Jon Hamm and Mila Kunis For Unknown, Future Roles

This year is supposedly the year that Marvel Studios will reveal their next wave of films. Studio president Kevin Feige has hinted that those announcements could come before this summer's 2014 San Diego Comic-Con but Marvel Studios' panel is easily the biggest and most anticipated each year at the event so any announcements of new films could be on hold until July.

In the meantime, the studio is actively developing scripts for Doctor Strange, Black Panther, Inhumans and more. Because of this active development, Marvel is beginning to figure out which actors might be a good fit for future film roles.

The Daily SuperHero has a few of its insiders with an ear to the ground listening in on conversations. One insider, who is the same one who told me that Marvel was eyeing Bradley Cooper for a role nearly a year before it was announced he would voice Rocket Raccoon in Guardians of the Galaxy, managed to snag a bit of intriguing information.

According to the insider, Marvel Studios might have thrown around the names of Jon Hamm and Mila Kunis for potential roles in future films. No further details were provided but Hamm's name has been brought up in the past for super hero roles but mostly for Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment films. Kunis' name is a new one though but her role in Jupiter Ascending is bringing her into the realm of action movies this summer. Both actors are definitely the types that Marvel likes to cast in their films since they can bring a sense of humor to their performances.

As of right now, this should only be considered rumor since this info could just be Marvel throwing around some potential casting names. Especially since new films beyond 2015's Ant-Man have yet to be announced. But this could be a similar situation as when The Daily SuperHero was literally the first to report about any interest in Cooper, too. Just saying.

Now this part is pure speculation and not fact at all but I think Hamm could make for an interesting Doctor Strange—especially since Mad Men is wrapping up the series in 2015—while Kunis could be a fit as the Wasp in Ant-Man or maybe she could be Ms. Marvel. Again, that is all just my personal opinion and nothing more.