Saturday, April 12, 2014

Chadwick Boseman Joins Paul Rudd in the 'Hall of Fame of Terrible Liars' While Addressing BLACK PANTHER Rumors

Professional actors should be able to make people believe that which is not true. However, sometimes they are so excited for a future role they can't act out a solid poker face and instead giveaway an answer without admitting it. This happened late last year when Paul Rudd was asked about the rumor that he was in contention to be in Marvel's Ant-Man while he was on the red carpet for Anchorman 2, and now Chadwick Boseman has done the same.

It has long since been rumored the 42 and Draft Day actor may be in contention for the role of Black Panther and while he was on the red carpet for Draft Day he join Rudd in the "Hall of Fame of Terrible Liars" when he got the biggest smile on his face when asked about the Marvel super hero rumor. (See the photo below which is the moment after he was asked.)

Actors who are terrible liars is ironic. But who can blame someone like Rudd for landing such a huge leading role? Same goes for Boseman. Even though Black Panther hasn't been confirmed that grin is so big it pretty much confirms there is some truth that he is at least up for the role. Or maybe he even landed it and it hasn't been made public yet.

Either way you look at Boseman's "tell," and if what happened with Rudd is any indication, Marvel is near an announcement saying a Black Panther appearance or solo film is right around the corner. Stay tuned as this story is definitely developing.

And take a look at Boseman's ear-to-ear grin, for yourself, in the video below after the 3:35 minute mark.

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