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Last week actor Paul Rudd was finally caught on film reacting to the question of being up for a lead role in Ant-Man. His reaction could be telling that he definitely knows at least something despite the fact he denied it.

Once again Rudd was asked about Ant-Man, by Total Film, and his reaction can be seen as being a bit "off" and that he could be lying. Or he really doesn't know anything but the actor seems to literally be acting when responding... and he's not good at acting like he doesn't know anything. (Irony!)

Below you can watch the two videos with the first being his reaction on the red carpet—which looks to have really caught him off guard, hence the walking away while answering—and the second video looks like he's been rehearsing his reaction in a mirror, badly.

Body language and facial expression is everything when it comes to trying to read a person and the true meaning behind what is being said. In both instances Rudd's reaction really does not appear natural either time. Granted this is pure speculation by The Daily SuperHero but my instincts tells me Rudd knows something and could potentially have already landed the role and is being instructed to keep quiet by Disney and Marvel Studios until they make an official announcement.

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