Star Wars Episode VII rumor that Matthew Vaughn could direct it is going no where

Last week, The Daily SuperHero was the first to report how director Matthew Vaughn left Fox's X-Men: Days of Future Past to helm Star Wars Episode VII.

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Even though Secret Service creator Mark Millar has said that Vaughn actually left the next X-Men movie to direct his adapted movie Secret Service, Millar has now added fuel to the fire that Vaughn could still be in the running to direct Star Wars, over on his blog.

"Vaughn departed X-Men because our Secret Service project was being copied by a few scripts doing the round and we didn't want anyone to beat us out there with our own idea. Star Wars has since, of course, announced an Episode 7 and he's been touted as a possible director for that movie. All I can say is that if he DOES get picked to helm the next Star Wars there would be nobody with more passion or enthusiasm for the project. I really don't think there could be a better choice, especially as we've referenced Star Wars pretty much every day in the 5 years we've known one another."

Secret Service is reportedly going to start production in early 2013. After that Vaughn's schedule is a clean slate and that would be right around the time when Episode VII would probably need a director for early pre-production work and final development before going into full production and shooting. Right now there is only a 40-50 page treatment for the next Star Wars movie (written by Michael Arndt), so there are still months of writing, editing and re-writes before pre-production can even begin.

Sounds like Millar just added fuel to the rumor mill fire and it's doubtful that this Vaughn-Star Wars topic will go away anytime soon. Or at least until Disney and Lucasfilm officially announce who the director will be.

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