Spider-Man Opinion: With Sony financially hurting, could Spidey come back home to Marvel Studios and Disney?

Sony / Marvel
Sony is in trouble to the point where they might sell off their entire entertainment division due to a lack of profit. According to NY Post insiders, Sony could sell off assets even though their CEO is fighting these rumors.

Which brings up one of the biggest questions regarding their assets. So what happens to their Spider-Man movie rights?

Since licensing out movie rights to characters in the late 90s and early 2000s, Marvel (and Disney) has seen franchises like Iron Man, the Incredible Hulk and most recently Daredevil come back home after rights-usage expired with various studios.

Could Spidey be the next to come back? Being that it is one of Sony's more profitable film properties, it reamins to be seen. But when Sony and Disney struck a deal—after Disney's buyout of Marvel—stating that Sony could retain the film rights but Disney would have all merchandising rights, it sounds like Sony might need to just move on if they are in so much financial trouble that they would consider selling off part of the company.

You gotta think in Sony's movie rights deal, and in a situation like this, the rights might just revert back to Disney or be sold back to them instead of selling the Webslinger off to another highest bidding studio. Call it an exit strategy set by Disney and Marvel with the original agreement. This is just an assumption by us here at The Daily SuperHero but there would be no way for Disney and Marvel to allow Spider-Man to shift from Sony to a different studio in a worst case scenario, like this.

In the end, Sony did just reboot Spider-Man this past summer, so if there is one tiny piece they would probably hold onto it would be Spider-Man ... unless Disney wants to open their wallet, which is always a possibility to get Marvel's most iconic character back home where it belongs.

This is a story we will definitely keep our eyes on.

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