The Amazing Spider-Man 2 now confirmed to have have both actor Andrew Garfield and director Marc Webb back for round 2

Sony / Marvel
By Daniel Wolf

Weeks before The Amazing Spider-Man was released in theaters, Sony had already confirmed plans to develop a sequel. Now, several months after its release, it is now confirmed both lead actor Andrew Garfield and director Marc Webb are coming back for the sequel.

Also, Emma Stone is currently in talks to reprise her role as Gwen Stacey.

The only surprise in this news is that Webb is coming back. Ever since Spidey hit cineplex's this past summer, Webb would not give a solid yes or no answer whether he was coming back to helm the next film. He discussed how his schedule was full, he needed some time off and how the first film was a much larger task than he anticipated. In other words, he was worn out and tired.

Seems like Webb is a bit more refreshed now since he is confirmed. Now that it's official, his down time will be minimal since the Spidey sequel is most likely in early development but it will have to start shooting within the next 6-9 months in order to hit its release date of May 2, 2014.

Stay tuned because more news, info and rumors are sure to be coming out now that Webb is on board and things are moving forward.

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