CAPTAIN MARVEL Destroys All Box Office Trolling Attempts Landing a $153 Million Opening; $455 Million Worldwide

Screw the superhero movie fatigue believers as well as the Marvel haters. Up yours too Disney haters. All the sexists can go straight to Hell. And fuck all those online trolls who tried to "review bomb" CAPTAIN MARVEL on RottenTomatoes, MetaCritic, and IMDB two weeks before anyone outside of the press had seen it in theaters. You all failed, miserably. Now go away.

None of these pathetic groups of losers were able to succeed as CAPTAIN MARVEL has become Marvel Studios' second highest grossing introductory solo superhero movie only behind the $202 million BLACK PANTHER opened with last year.

Going into this weekend, CAPTAIN MARVEL was projected for at least a $125 million domestic opening weekend and it exceeded all expectations bringing in an estimated $153 million. This is the studios' seventh highest grossing opening weekend out of their 21 movie releases. In just above the $146 million GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2 took in but behind the $174 million IRON MAN 3 made. 

Overseas, CAPTAIN MARVEL was a huge hit too bringing in an estimated $302 million. 

Worldwide, CAPTAIN MARVEL opened with more than $455 million!

To compare the DC competition, WONDER WOMAN opened domestically with $103 million. 

Congrats to all involved in the success of this movie!

Written by Daniel Wolf, Founder & Publisher

[All box office numbers sourced from THR and BoxOfficeMojo.]

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