CAPTAIN MARVEL Trending For Over $125 Million Domestic Opening

It feels like it has been forever since the last Marvel Studios release. And it kinda has as ANT-MAN AND THE WASP was their last film which opened last summer, in July.

With CAPTAIN MARVEL set to hit theaters this weekend, her final opening projections are in and she is looking to open up as the studios' second highest solo origin movie only after last year's BLACK PANTHER ($202M).

Per THR, CAPTAIN MARVEL is trending to open with over $125 million, domestically. This flexes as high as $150 million for this weekend. For comparison purposes, WONDER WOMAN opened in 2017 with $103 million, domestically. Carol Danvers and crew are looking like they are in a very favorable position when compared to the competition.

Internationally, she is predicted to open as large as $150 million; bringing her potential worldwide opening gross into the $300 million range.

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