Warner Bros. is in Final Talks With 2 Directors to Helm FLASHPOINT

FLASHPOINT has gone through quite a run of director's. There's been at least three who have been attached and dropped out over the past few years. The first solo movie for actor Ezra Miller's Flash is again onto its next director, but this time it's going to be two of them.

According to Variety, the screenwriting team of John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein — both wrote Sony and Marvel's SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING last summer — are in final talks to sit in the director chair(s) to helm this film project.

There is a good chance both men will be looking over the current iteration of the FLASHPOINT script, at whatever stage in development it is at, and make changes to suit their humor-fueled style. A perfect combo for Miller, who stole many of his scenes in JUSTICE LEAGUE with both his wit and humor.

Warner Bros. has not yet to set an official release date for FLASHPOINT.

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