GHOSTBUSTERS 3: Ivan Reitman Discusses Why He Only Wants to be its Producer

Sony and Columbia Pictures are actively developing the next installment of the Ghostbusters franchise right now. The question remains if it'll be a full reboot, and be titled something like 'The Ghostbusters,' or if it will be more of a soft reboot while still being a sequel and titled 'Ghostbusters 3.'

Recently, Dan Aykroyd told TODAY that Ghostbusters will be in pre-production in spring 2015 and then another report claimed the next Ghostbusters movie will focus on female leading Ghostbuster roles with Bridesmaids director Peter Feig also being targeted to direct.

Now, in an exclusive interview with, former Ghostbusters director Ivan Reitman has discussed why he won't direct the next Ghostbusters and is instead one of its producers.

“I am very involved. I’m a producer of the film,” Reitman said. “I wasn’t giving it all up. I suddenly felt that Ghostbusters didn’t necessarily need me as a director, at least I didn’t need to direct Ghostbusters, let me put it that way. Having done the other two and with the passing of Harold and with Bill Murray seeming disinterested being in it, I thought it was better for me just to produce it and to make sure we’re going to have the quality and style of what is appropriate for another version of that film. But the franchise could benefit from somebody else’s point of view. I’ve done it twice before and it will be great to get somebody else to lend a hand as well.” 
“I’d say [Ghostbusters is] very much in the development stage and it’s now caught up in the middle of studio stuff."

Will the next Ghostbusters movie start filming in 2015? Perhaps because it seems like things are finally progressing in the right direction after being caught up in development Hell for many years now.

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