Dan Aykroyd Says GHOSTBUSTERS 3 Should Begin Pre-Production in Spring 2015

This year is the 30th anniversary of Ghostbusters and while a third film in the franchise has yet to be green lit by Sony, there's been a fair share of threequel rumors over the last few years. The most recent rumor came last fall, claiming Ghostbusters 3 would film in Cleveland, Ohio in spring 2014 and the city would stand in for New York City. That rumor was quickly debunked.

Dan Aykroyd was on TODAY and said Ghostbusters 3 will begin pre-production in spring 2015.

"It looks like we'll be in pre-production in the spring now, from what I'm hearing. It should be good."

Aykroyd, then, reminisced about filming the original Ghostbusters.

"The first day we went out and were stealing shots all over Manhattan. No permits, nothing. But when the actors strapped on their big ghostbusting 'rigs,' it was pandemonium. Because people didn't know what we were yet. And here we are with the packs and the tube, that green tube that we have there. You know what that's for?"

With the passing of Egon actor Harold Ramis earlier this year, the script needed to go through some re-writes and Etan Cohen was reportedly hired by Sony. Now, add Aykroyd's confident answer and it sounds like Sony is close to giving Ghostbusters 3 the green light sooner than later.