Did Sigourney Weaver Reveal Who a New Member of the GHOSTBUSTERS 3 Team is?

Over the last few years, Dan Aykroyd and Ivan Reitman have been the two main providers of information about Ghostbusters. While others like Ernie Hudson and Bill Murray have said brief things about a potential Ghostbusters 3 movie, there hasn't been much official info while the rumor mill has been hard at work.

However, a bit of Ghostbusters 3 news went somewhat under-the-radar last month.

Back in June, while talking with Vanity Fair (via Belfast Telegraph), Sigourney Weaver teased who one of the potential new Ghostbusters team members might be.

"I said, I have one condition [of returning to the franchise]. I want my son Oscar to be a Ghostbuster, and [Reitman] said, 'We’ve already done that.''

Oscar was Dana Barrett's son in Ghostbusters 2 and was an important plot line of the sequel's story. Neither Sony or Aykroyd have confirmed this so there's also a chance that Oscar gets removed from the final script when Sony eventually gives Ghostbusters 3 the green light for production.

Since the passing of Harold Ramis, the current Ghostbusters 3 script has needed refining and Sony brought on writer Etan Cohen (Men in Black 3, Tropic Thunder) to make the needed revisions. It seems like Cohen's re-writes have gone well as Aykroyd has confirmed on TODAY that Ghostbusters 3 should begin pre-production in spring of 2015.