A Disney - Indiana Jones Movie Opinion: Once distribution complications are resolved, reboot it

Disney is obviously in the business of collecting franchises now that they have added Star Wars to their Marvel superhero collection, their Pixar animated films and their International juggernaut that is Pirates of the Caribbean. And don't forget they now own the Indiana Jones franchise too.

But Indy is not a main focus of Disney right now due to distribution complications with Paramount Pictures.

In an effort to look into the crystal ball, and into the future, let's consider what could happen with Indiana Jones once Disney resolves their issues with distribution rights. One option is to finally complete the "handing over of the torch" method from Harrison Ford to another actor (not named Shia LaBeouf please). Another option is the reboot method. Finally, Disney could let the franchise rest in peace—but remember that Disney is in the business of collection franchises now.

Since Disney will have a heavy focus on Star Wars for the first few years, after the Lucasfilm buyout, it's hard to say Ford could even play Indy anymore and hand off the torch to a new, younger Indy. Ford is not ageless or immortal. However, the reboot method seems to fit much better.

Indy has seen a younger version of himself both on the big screen (briefly in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade) and on television (The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles) and there is no reason for Disney to not explore more of his youth as a budding archeologist and professor. This is where you can build the Indy franchise back into a well-respected entity.

Just don't call Steven Spielberg, who will probably want something with aliens in a reboot. (Cheap shot!)

But seriously, if you're going to continue the Indiana Jones franchise, the best thing to do is look into his past and cast a young Harrison Ford-looking actor to play the role.

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