The Avengers is Back in Theaters For Labor Day Weekend, See it One More Time on the Big Screen

Sourced from The Avengers Facebook page
By Daniel Wolf

After accumulating over $1.5 billion in worldwide box office sales, it's time to head back to the theater to see Marvel's The Avengers one more time on the big screen and before it's released on Blu Ray and DVD on September 26.

Per The Avengers' Facebook page, Marvel Studios is re-releasing the film in theaters for a limited time during Labor Day weekend. Starting on Friday August 31, and through September 6, fans of the blockbuster can watch "Hulk Smash!" one more time.

The Avengers is the No. 3 all-time movie in both domestic and International box offices gross and Marvel is looking to add a little more to that total.

Will you see it again? The states predicted to get hit with a ton of rain, from what is left of Hurricane Isaac, could spend the rainy holiday weekend in theaters—if you can't cookout in the backyard of course.

Solid strategy Marvel. Solid.

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