Justice League Movie: Would Warner Bros. and DC Even Dare Go Up Against The Avengers 2 in 2015?

Warner Bros. / DC / Marvel
By Daniel Wolf

Marvel Studios may have a large group of movies in the works for their planned "Phase 2" of their cinematic universe but Warner Bros. and DC have been netting more headlines, as of late, with rumors surrounding their Justice League movie.

Rumors of directors to helm the project along with Batman being rebooted in the movie itself have been hot topics across the Internet. But a new rumor strikes up the thought, "Are they seriously thinking about doing that?"

This question-inciting-rumor is how the Justice League movie could be targeting a 2015 release. Granted this could only speculation by the source the rumor was located at (over on Collider) but would Warner and DC really think about going head-to-head against The Avengers 2?

Obviously it depends on the actual release date set for a Justice League movie. However, Marvel has already locked up the start of the summer 2015 movie season with a May 1 release. Maybe Justice League will come out a little later in the summer 2015 season and after The Avengers 2 starts to slow down in the box office. Deciding to schedule it anywhere in May or June could be more or less a way of shooting themselves in the foot though.

Of course fans will be excited for a Justice League movie, and that alone will propel it to making a bunch of money (in theory), but coming out in theaters too close to The Avengers 2 would take money right out of their pockets too.

If Warner and DC read this post, don't release your movie any sooner than the July 4th holiday weekend, in 2015, otherwise pick a different year. Just our honest opinion.

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