SHANG-CHI Star Expertly Trolls Haters on Social Media After Shattering Labor Day Box Office Records

Sure this isn't really news, but SHANG-CHI AND THE LEGEND OF THE TEN RINGS star Simu Liu has quickly become an expert at trolling all his movie's haters online. And quite frankly, he should do this after SHANG-CHI broke 4-day Labor Day weekend box office records bringing in $90 million domestically and over $140 million worldwide. (Read the box office report here.)

Yes, that is Liu's past work as a stock image model and he is masterfully using it as a meme to gloriously troll haters. This might be one of the best tweets ever. 

And this next one is him lol'ing at these sensationalized bits of online content...

Bravo and good for him because these shitty sites and YouTube accounts are nothing more than modern day online yellow journalism and tabloid trolls using negativity, hate, and anger as clickbait. If you go to any of these sites, shame on you.