SUPERGIRL Season 4 Episode 21 Review: Red Dawn

Picking up after the last episode, Kara is being held by the secret service on account of her having “state secrets.” Of course they don’t know who they’re dealing with. She easily escape them but when she opens the door to leave, she is confronted by the Red Daughter who has Kryptonite which immediately weakens her. 

Alex is having visions of her and Kara when they were younger that show her powers. Kelly thinks it has something to do with Kara being adopted. This isn’t the most pressing thing. Brainy tells Alex about Lockwood injecting himself with the Harun-El and took all of Lena’s supply. Lena believes that Lockwood is connected to Lex and that the aliens that have gone missing have something to do with him. Brainy and Lena go to find the aliens and deal with Lockwood while Alex starts to search for Red Daughter after finally being brought into the loop. 

Red daughter was sent to kill Kara but gets distracted by her monologue. Kara is more used to Kryptonite and is able to get out of her chains and escape. She goes to J’onn to get healed up and she’s torn about telling Alex the truth now that Lex wants her dead but J’onn said that telling her the truth could cause her more damage. 

Lena goes to her mother and using the truth seeker she finds out she can extract the Harun-El and orders her to do it. She even gives her mother a toxin to get her to finish within 24 hours. Lena definitely has lost all patience. Lena then goes to confront Lockwood who she realizes has no idea about Lex and to top it off the Harun-El is making his body deteriorate. Karma is not kind to Lillian. 

Brainy and J’onn look for the aliens and thanks to Nia’s dream of a keychain, they find a lead of a shell company of Amertek. Despite J’onn’s warnings, Brainy tries to sneak in with Dreamer using a image inducer but they are quickly captured. Brainy is electrocuted and tortured. However, it just seems to give a reboot to system and instead of having our quirky, human loving brainy, he becomes more like his ancestors, cold, emotionless. He easily kills his captors with no remorse. Brainy and John discovers that they are draining alien power in another location and converting it to be used as a Claymore particle weapons. Brainy refuses to release Dreamer and instead wants to use her and J’onn to find the camp they are keeping the aliens. He’s gone full HAL at this point. 

Our other team isn’t having much success either. Along with James, Lena follows Ben Lockwood to Otis Graves’ hideout. Otis has no problem confession to manipulating Ben into becoming Agent Liberty for Lex to pretend to be a hero when Kaznia invaded the US. James tried to Ben from killing Otis but gets injured in the process and Ben rips out Otis’ Kryptonite like heart. 

With Red Daughter on the loose, Kara finds Alex as Supergirl when she learns that she is trying to find the clone and offers her assistance. The sun shields replenish her strength but not before Colonel Haley finds them and surprisingly believes that the president is in cahoots with Lex. They triangulate Red Daughter’s location to discover she has been living in National City. Supergirl gets to her apartment and discovers that she has decorated it to be almost exactly like hers. Extra creepy. 

Alex follows Supergirl to the apartment and is distressed to find Red Daughter stalking her sister and confides in Supergirl about not being able to protect her sister. There’s a glint of hope where Supergirl believes she may remember she is her sister but it’s quickly dashed when Alex answers a phone call saying Lara is there. Supergirl immediately dashed over to see Red Daughter holding her mother hostage. She is hell bent on protecting the “collective” instead of individuals and only gets pissed off when Supergirl brings up the young boy, Mikhaol, who she believes was killed by Amertek. 

They battle in the woods and at first Kara seems to be more skilled but it looks like Red Daughter has had some upgrades including a purple electric hell of a right hook. Alex comes across then and starts having memories of them as children when Kara used her powers and to more recent memories. She’s too late to remember and stop Red Daughter who takes off when she hears Kara’s heartstop but is actually affected by the cries of Alex over her dead sister’s body who manages to survive by pulling the sunlight from all the plans around her. 

Kara has finally gotten her full strength and are hiding at their mother’s home when they find out that Lex made a compact version of a Claymore suit and had “stopped” Red Daughter (or as the country believes she is, Supergirl) from destroying another city. The news paints him as a hero and Red Daughter is seemingly dead. That’s not great news. 

Alex finally remembers who Kara is which is great for the sisters and will actually be less of a hindrance now that she knows she can fully trust Supergirl. With Colonel Haley on their side, they may actually stand a chance. 

James still has the Harun-El running through his blood and is stabilized thanks to Lillian’s forced help and with Lex’s plans being successful, they will need more superheroes. Speaking of superheroes, our favorite Brainy is not feeling like himself. There have been mentions of his cold and calculating ancestor and apparently he has adopted their personalities which is definitely not the best time for this to happen. Perhaps true love will win out with Dreamer and he won’t. 

Supergirl is quickly coming to an end for this season and we finally get the meeting of Supergirl and the Red Daughter. I have a hard time seeing Lex completely killing Red Daughter. I have a feeling she may just be incapacitated. Besides, why destroy someone you can control as a weapon? Lex may not get a lot of time to jump on his tyrannical rain before the people actually realize what he’s doing.

Written by Carly B., SUPERGIRL Beat Writer

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