SUPERGIRL Season 4 Episode 19 Review: American Dreamer

With Supergirl taking the backseat for a while, Dreamer has taken over as being the superhero for National City. She’s been taking over protecting aliens from Lockwood guys. Brainy warms her to be cautious but she’s gung-ho to go full vigilante. She’s a bit too happy go lucky about it but she’s trying her best. 

Kara is doing her best to work the Luthor issue from her side. She’s researched into him, Eve and everyone involved. She speaks with a coworker, Franklin, whose an alien and has had a sister at Amertec which Kara believes Luthor might have something to do with the company. This only spurs Nia on when she hears Franklin is too scared to go home. 

Kara visits his sister, Edna, outside her place of work. Edna gives her the gossip on Amertec and how they’re rounding aliens up and that she’s at risk too. However, she agrees to find information on their dealings with Lex. Kara finds a fake name that is almost definitely Lex but before she can get more details someone nearly catches them making Edna freak and back out. 

Kara is left to her own journalistic devices. She finds out the fake name was on the information Eve gave James. She goes to Lena for assistance but Lena is standoffish due to James’ side effects and Kara not being around for her. Kara’s just not winning today, but she’s not the only one. 

James is dealing with the side effects of his cure. Lena is stressed at not being able to help him. Kelly, Brainy and Alex work on other ways to help him control his symptoms which now include super hearing. Brainy taps into James brain to create a mind place to block out the PTSD from the superpower. He and Brainy go on a mind journey together and with help from his sister, he fights back at the source of his traumatic event, his father’s funeral. 

Nia is still hanging out trying to protect aliens. She finds a lot of aliens grouped at the alien bar, Al’s for safety but they’re soon confronted by the Children of Liberty (with Ben’s kid George in tow). 

Lockwood has been going into people’s home and removing aliens from their homes. His kid, George, starts to have second thoughts when he is up front and personal with these actions. Dreamer refuses to step down and she fights them off. George goes after an alien that he realizes is one of friends. He’s so stunned that the kid escapes. This makes him question everything. About time, kid. 

Nia and Kara realize that they should work together and Kara wants to interview Dreamer for Catco. She gives a in depth look at Dreamer and how she has grown up as a human and an alien. They make sure to air it on every television and monitor. This makes the children of Liberty very angry and they storm Catco looking for Dreamer. Brainy shows up to help Kara and Nia knock them on their ass. Nia escapes in time for James to show up and break apart Ben’s gun making it clear he is not welcome there. 

Edna sees the interview and brings acquisition papers that was done by the fake name they found, Sebastian Melmoth, for a military base. She’s feeling brave after seeing Dreamer. Lena and Kara finally made up. Lena admits that she feels responsible for Lex getting free and she feels weak for it. Kara, of course, is on her side and makes her understand that anyone would do the same thing. With her help, they find out that Melmoth is a code name that Lex used and that he bought a missile base in Kaznia. 

With Lena finally on good terms with Kara and Supergirl, I think it’s time that she is let in on the secret. Practically everyone else knows and I think she would be even more of an assist. 

I was actually very impressed with Nia this episode. The interview was impressive but I’m more excited to see her coming into her powers quickly and efficiently. 

We only get a glimpse at J’onn who has been missing in action for a while. He seems to have completed his journey on his home planet and is coming back to Earth. Someone’s in for a big surprise. 

Next week is going to be insane. Kara and Lena know about Kaznia. It’s only a matter of time before they keep Kaznia Supergirl. Ben Lockwood has lost his wife to the woman whose husband he took. And his son George seems to be 100% against the attacks on the aliens after what he’s seen. It’s all coming to a boiling point.

Written by Carly B., SUPERGIRL Beat Writer

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