SUPERGIRL Season 4 Episode 20 Review: Will the Real Miss Tessmacher Please Stand Up?

So Kaznia is the next destination where Lex is most likely hiding out. Kara tries to shake Lena off and go by herself but Lena wants to be there when they catch Lex. So no Supergirl suit up right now. Despite Lena’s insistence that her self flying plane is fine, the plane gets hit with some weird purple lighting which requires Lena (with help from Supergirl) to land the plane. Not exactly a piece of cake. 

Back in National City, Alex is frazzled. After a year of waiting, Alex is given a call from a adoption agency stating they have a kid for her. She and Kelly talk through her fears and she decides she wants to adopt her and goes with her to the city where the new mother is giving birth. Just as she is getting excited at the prospect of being a mom, the biological mother of the baby decided to keep the baby. 

Ben Lockwood is despaired over his wife being killed due to his role in kidnapping aliens. He can’t even sit through his son's eulogy to her at the funeral. He instead leaves and goes to the DEO demanding to hunt down Dreamer by any means possible and also figuring out how James got superpowers. This guys priorities are totally skewed. Speaking of James, Brainy and Nia have been testing his superpowers which now include being inflammable. Brainy takes off when he hears Lockwood is at the DEO. Unfortunately by the time he gets there, Ben finds out that Lena has been working out of the DEO in a lab and shoots his way in. This guy seriously needs to be taken care of. 

Lena and Kara finally get to the military base and see that it’s practically abandoned but they find a file with Eve’s handwriting so they get to it with proof that all of the subjects Lex was experimenting on are aliens fought by the DEO. They find Eve hiding in a closet pretending to be scared, but she quickly drops the act when she realizes they’re not buying it. They corner her and ask about the experiments on the DEO prisoners and who was working with him in the government to transfer them. 

Eve is a bit off her rocker, which Lena guesses is due to some trigger word Lex encoded in her brain. They find plans for Lex to help Kaznia invade America and also footage of the Red Daughter training. But it turns out that the Eve they were speaking to was just a copy. The real Eve comes in and sets of a self destruction of the building giving Kara and Lena only ten minutes to escape. As they’re running for their lives, Kara finds the Red Daughter’s room with pictures of her as Kara and Supergirl with Lena. She burns the pictures so no one else can see before escaping with Lena. 

Kara and Lena find more files confirming the President’s Chief of Staff is the one who was working with Lex. Lena goes after Eve who is trying to take their plane and fights her off while Kara gets evidence and deals with Eve’s copies. Lena gets control of the plane and Kara escapes before the base explodes. Lena and Kara have finally cracked the case with their sleuth skills. 

Back home, The woman who killed Lockwood’s wide is located and brought in along with the other innocent aliens who were discovered with her. Dreamer and James show up to stop him and Brainy even convinces the other agents to stand down. However, Lockwood objects himself with pure Harun El which gives him superpower. With this guy kicking their ass, J’onn finally flies in to help and gets the alien to safety and temporarily incapacitating Lockwood. 

Kara brings evidence of Lex’s plans, Red Daughter and what the chief of staff has done to help him directly to the president. Instead of taking this threat seriously and shockingly, he makes sure no one else knows the truth and has Kara kidnapped. Yeah she should’ve seen this coming from like a mile away but it’s not the worst scrape she’s been in. It’s pretty clear the president is in on this scheme with Lex by this point. Lex’s reach is very far into the government. Who knows who can be trusted now. 

Turns out that all the Eve’s they came across were copies so she is still out in the open probably on Lex’s heels. But Lena definitely has unfinished business with her. 

Kara seemed pretty intent on telling Lena the truth about her being Supergirl but stopped in her tracks after hearing how she couldn’t trust someone like that after being lied to. Seems like this is an awful lot of foreshadowing and with only two episodes left we’re finally going to get both Kara and the Red Daughter face to face.

Written by Carly B., SUPERGIRL Beat Writer

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