SUPERGIRL Season 4 Episode 18 Review: Crime and Punishment

The last we saw of our Girl of Steel, she was framed for the attack on the White House, actually made by her Kaznia doppelganger. We pick up on the same night and the president invokes a curfew and warning to Supergirl. Supergirl refuses to sit by when someone is in danger and rescues a man in a car accident despite being shot at by citizens. You’d think her rescuing someone would make them think twice but nope. They still shoot despite not making a dent or even making her flinch. 

Supergirl is rightfully upset but Alex and Lena are determined to help bring the truth to light. They start with Lex and the prison. Lena and Supergirl visits the warden of the prison. They search Lex’s cell and Lena finds a note and picture of her first subject that died. She figure out the chessboard design to open them and finds his diaries. 

They don’t really help though since the diaries are mostly ledgers. Both Supergirl and Lena are mostly bumming out in Lex’s cell for a while. Like it’s time to pick yourself up. They don’t really have time for that because Otis shows up and opens all the cells in that prison block and sics the prisoners on her. Supergirl goes to round them up while Lena finds something useful: a hidden room in his cell behind his mural. Finally. 

Supergirl goes head-to-head with Otis (now having Metallo like powers). But when she gets hit by Kryptonite she reverts back to her Kara Danvers persona to escape. 

Meanwhile Lockwood waltzes in to the DEO like he owns the place and demands they summon Supergirl due to his new position as secretary of Alien Affairs. Colonel Haley confirms Alex’s demand that need a presidential request. Despite this, Haley still want to comply and Alex makes sure she will press the signal watch twice to confirm its a trap. Alex goes to Colonel Haley to try and get her to see her side but she just gets pissed. 

While Alex is watching out for Supergirl, Brainy is watching out for the other aliens and starts to work on erasing the alien registry to protect the other aliens in the world. However, he comes across a ethical dilemma and gets help from Nia Nal to decide that this is the best decision. 

Supergirl meets back up with Lena in Lex. Luthor’s weird prison lair. They don’t have time to really dig deep into it because Lex release some weird Kryptonite gas from Otis and Supergirl and Lena escape before it gets them. 

Colonel Haley finally came through. Despite knowing that clicking the signal watch twice would warn Supergirl away, she does it. Lockwood isn’t pleased but he leaves. However, he gets what he wants and the president deputizes the children of Liberty. Someone’s approval rating is going to sink. 

Supergirl decides that getting the truth as Kara is easier than a superhero. She visits a prisoner who had a cell across from Lex and knew about his secret prison lab. He gives her a hard drive. They’re finally going to get down to what Lex is up to. 

James is fighting his own demons after experiencing PTSD. He has to deal with the side effects of getting shot while also dealing with his super powers being developed. His sister seems to be staying for the long haul and is beginning to become quite an asset. 

With a surprising lack of Kaznia Supergirl and only a few more episodes left, we should soon see her and our Supergirl come head to head.

Written by Carly B., SUPERGIRL Beat Writer

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