SUPERGIRL Season 4 Episode 17 Review: All About Eve

With all the flashbacks last week, it’s hard to remember that Lex hasn’t made too many moves in the present. Lena is found rather quickly by Alex and her team. Lex has left a letter to Lena revealing his whole scheme.

Supergirl and J’onn search for Lex. However, when J’onn tries to cast a psychic net, he hears his father’s voice in his head and he loses consciousness. Luckily Supergirl catches him before he hits pavement. J’onn eventually awakes but he fears that he will lose his memories and history of his culture as another shapeshifter species did. Supergirl makes him focus on his identity issues. 

Nia is M.I.A. as she is seemingly trying to dream up what Lex’s plans may be. Realizing that finding Lex by themselves isn’t that plausible, Supergirl comes to the DEO with a peace offering of donuts and to help locate Lex. Strangely enough, the general agrees to let Alex and Brainy help out. This woman is constantly hot and cold. 

Lena goes to see her mother to locate Lex but she doesn’t budge. She taunts her but she also serves to rile her up to hunt down Lex. She agrees to join Alex and Supergirl to use Eve to find Lex. The girls find a lead in Eve’s aunt who they visit in the suburbs. They figure out that Eve came to her cousin who had cancer and gave her the serum. She lets it slip that Eve had a lab in the city. Eve is smart but she is definitely slipping. 

The girls find her lab and also the Harun El that Lena made. This starts a bit of a tiff with Lena and Supergirl about using the alien to give people superpowers but Supergirl relents and apologizes. They also find blueprints to Lena’s mother’s prison. They also find details of a project that brought Otis back to life. They’re attacked by some strange Metallo like villain shooting Kryptonite at them. Supergirl distracts it while Alex and Lena makes a chemical weapon to destroy it. Just the three of them by themselves can do a lot more damage than the whole DEO. 

With the creature being taken care of, they run ballistics on a gun they found confirming Eve shot James. They split up. Supergirl tells James about his shooter before going to DC to figure out Otis and Lockwood’s involvement with Lex. While with James, they find out the alien amnesty act was repealed but also they see Eve at the press conference. Supergirl hurries to DC with James in tow. 

James questions Ben while Supergirl searches for Eve. She finds a hologram of her in a car and is trapped by a Kryptonite suit that restrained her to the side of the building. Meanwhile, Copycat Supergirl attacks the White House pretending to be Supergirl. She is too late in escaping the suit and her twin escapes. Yeah that’s not so good for her right now. 

The president immediately labels her as public enemy number one. Lena refuses to believe that Supergirl would do this and the general agrees. Strange I know but at least she has some people on her side. Along Lena, they assure her they know she is innocent and they will find out what really happened. 

The Luthor groupie, Eve, has proven to be really clever and evil. With Lex underground, it seems like she is almost as evil as Lex. Almost. 

With Supergirl giving him the day off to deal with the trauma he’s gone through , J’onn’s daddy issues physically manifests themselves. He isn’t there to help but to take the sacred symbols he gave J’onn. After a series of conversations with his father, he gets a grip on who he is. It’s about time. But he leaves the damn planet when they need him the most. 

Speaking of trauma, James technically has a bill of health but he is having psychological side effects of taking a bullet which is shrunk sister tries to tell him. Of course, he doesn’t listen despite the fact that Lex has tried to kill him 8 times! With the shooting and the killing at the White House, James experiences PTSD and accepts his sister’s help. 

Copycat Supergirl has finally shown herself to the world, in a way. I’m still holding out hope that she will get from under Lex’s thumb and get on the side of the good guys.

Written by Carly B., SUPERGIRL Beat Writer

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