SUPERGIRL Season 4 Episode 16 Review: House of El

After the explosive introduction to Lex Luthor, we jump right into Lex’s story. Lex jumps out of the plane with a Luthor suit and tries to escape Supergirl. She goes after him and they fight on a roof. She realizes that he now has powers that rivals his own. He knocks her down and picks up a giant metal planet off the building and attacks her with it. 

The flashbacks of Lex’s trial reveals his sister and James both testify against him and his plans to have a red sun on earth which would kill everyone including Superman. His only defense: Superman made him do it. And apparently for the good of mankind against aliens. As the judge gives him the verdict of 31 life sentences, she collapses coughing as well as the jury and several other members of the court. He’s definitely not killing for the good of mankind this time. 

Being led out of the courtroom, Eve is spotted in the crowd is and brought to the Lex’s ridiculously stylish prison cell by Otis Graves. He barely has to ask for her to work at Catco. She all but jumps to be his sidekick. 

Six months pass; Luthor gets a call in prison about our Copycat Supergirl in Kaznia. He threatens the warden to allow him to leave for 3 days to go see her. The minister of defense wants him to turn her into a weapon for Russia in return for money. How very self serving. 

Nine months earlier: Russian Supergirl is found and taken in by the Kaznian government Interestingly her first word she speaks is Alex. Other than that she learns Russian and is trained by them. Months pass. She has no control of her powers and accidentally kills several soldiers with her laser eyes. As they subdue her, she again calls for Alex. When she hears a young boy crying out for help in a village, she escapes and kills several men and stands protective over the child. Lex comes to her with Eve and tells her the boy will be safe. She interprets his name to be Alex which he plays along with. So she seems to be inherently good and she comes across a psychopath. That’s always a bad mix. 

Copycat Supergirl relies on Lex believing they were close before. His time is up and he leaves promising to teach her more when he comes back. 

Of course Lex is giddy with possibilities of a Kryptonian he can use. Eve believes the Harun El split Supergirl into two and is the reason why there is a clone who has faint memories of Alex. Her mission to get Lena to develop it. Lex sends Otis and his sister to get a radical aka Lockwood. He doesn’t care about Kaznia wanting to bring back the Soviet Union. Lex just cares about America seeing him as a hero; so he needs villains. 

He sends books after books to Copycat Supergirl which teachers her English and educates her. He visits her often to teach her. When Kryptonite is released into the atmosphere, she is affected (like Supergirl) and rushed into a chamber that protects her. There Lex gives her a bunch of anti-American propaganda including making Supergirl her enemy. 

Lex brings her to America in disguise. He gets her familiar with the culture and even takes her to Kara’s apartment to show her what she may have to practice being. Alex shows up and Copycat Supergirl surprisingly plays off being Kara well. When she leaves, Lex takes off soon after to go back to prison but Copycat Supergirl stays behind and reads Kara’s journal and even pretends to be her to meet Lena. Unfortunately, Eve realizes who she is and calls Lex in a panic and tells him that she is getting soft on America and Kara in particular. He sends her and Otis to send a middle. from an Amertek ship at the house where she saved the young boy. She is devastated beyond belief and attacks the ship. Lex comes in time to kill the men who saw her face. They argue over her purpose and he leaves. 

Otis turns out not to be as big of a dick as Lex and it turns out he saved the young boy, Mikhail. I’m sure that information will come in handy later. 

Now three months from present time, Copycat Supergirl is still training but she gets sick and collapses. Lex realizes that she will need the Harun El to stabilize her but he needs Lena to complete it. He traps himself into a radioactive room to give himself cancer and then pays Lena a visit. Yeah this guy is so much crazier than you’d think. 

Cue the events that lead to this moment. Lex comes back to Kaznia after defeating Supergirl. He gives her a blood transfusion which quickly cures Copycat Supergirl. This realigns their friendship and ends with Lex giving her the Red Daughter suit. 

There wasn’t much from our National City team other than Supergirl letting the others know Lex had escaped. Of course, an evil Luthor out in the world deserves a national alert. 

I’m glad we’re finally giving into the Red Daughter storyline. It definitely gives more weight having Lex being a huge part of her development. With the Red Daughter being kind at heart, there’s no doubt that she will be wavering from his plans yet again.

Written by Carly B., SUPERGIRL Beat Writer

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