SUPERGIRL Season 4 Episode 15 Review: Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?

Four years ago, Lex tries to get Lena to understand his plot to bring a Red Sun to earth, killing Superman and millions of people. Presently, Lex is heli-carried to a mansion after a stroke where Lena is awaiting. She treats him. Apparently Lena has been talking to Lex on the regular and he is the reason why the government went to her about her research. After positioning himself on Kryptonite, he’s on the verge of dying without Lena’s Harun-El serum. As they’re arguing, Lena is given the news about James. 

Speaking of, James Olsen is bleeding out on the floor of Catco when a figure (possibly the one who shot him) activates the super alert on his watch and Supergirl arrives. Lena convenes with everyone at the hospital and is a wreck. J’onn believes it’s Manchester who did this and Kara goes with him to find him. Alex tries to convince Lena to use her research to help him but she’s still unsure of more human trials. Between a super evil brother and a possibly paralyzed ex, it’s a lot for a girl to deal with. She walks away working on a plan. 

Kara and J’onn find Manchester at the location where J’onn’s father died and its burned up. After J’onn gets into his head, Manchester did the same to him. He pushes for him to join him in his revolt against the alien bigotry and Lockwood. Unfortunately, he disappears (still possessing the legion ring) before they get an answer about James. 

At the hospital, James is placed under a coma because of the damage. His sister, Kelly, shows up in time for the doctor to ask for next of kin. Not long after, James goes into shock and bleeds internally. Kelly makes the choice for him to go into surgery. However, Alex has spoken with Lena and tries to convince Kelly to hold off until Lena is ready with the Harun-El. She’s not willing to put James’ fate in the hands of a Luthor. 

Lena goes to Lex for help with the Harun-El to save them both. Lex taunts Lena, which is what he claims gives her drive to do better. Eve confronts Lena about her letting Lex help. Lena assures her he wants to live more than anything, but let’s be honest, no one really believes that. 

J’onn has been having visions about Kara and Alex dying to the point that he strangles himself. Of course, this is courtesy of Manchester. It gives them no idea to where he could be or if he did shoot James. While Kara is with him, Alex gets snippy with her over the phone when she hasn’t come back to the hospital. Not being able to tell her that she is Supergirl creates more friction between the two of them because she can’t tell her she’s trying to find James’ shooter. At the same time, James goes into surgery leaving Lena without the option to help him. Well this is getting better and better. 

Lex gives Lena a pep talk about her being from light instead of the darkness of his mother. It encourages her to go to the hospital. Lena gets naive around family apparently. But she goes to the hospital as well as Kara to be with her sister and Kelly. However, after Manchester knocks out the power from a dam in the city during James’ city, J’onn and Kara go after him. At the hospital, James is running out of time. Luckily, Eve brought the drug and Kelly agrees to let Lena administer it to him. It works. On the other side of town, Supergirl fixes the damn but J’onn is attacked by vision of his family’s genocide by Manchester which unleashed the man hunter and he killed Manchester. Kara realizes what happened but they hurry back to the hospital but James is fine and 100 percent healed but I’m waiting for the side effects to kick in. 

During the whole James nearly dying trial, Nia kisses Brainy but he tells her they can’t be together . There’s not much time to process this because the power outage started but it’s safe to say this isn’t going to go unmentioned for long. 

J’onn has definitely crossed a line with killing Manchester. He knows he can’t be a man of peace but he also isn’t sure what his path is going to be. 

Lena realizes that when the backup generator didn’t work, the power being cut wasn’t from the dam but from Lex. He doesn’t even try to hide it. He’s that kind of jerk. He admits to it and to having James shot so Lena would be forced to use the Harun-El. Of course, she immediately refuses to give him the cure but plot twist; he already received the cure from Eve. She had been working for him the entire time. She fooled everyone. 

In addition to that, the guard was wearing an image induced and it turned out to be Otis Graves who everyone thought died. Lex has a flair for the dramatics. He leaves Lena at the house unconscious and walks out, having all the guards on the grounds killed and getting into a helicopter. He and Otis seem to be flying towards their happily evil after when Supergirl shows up. 

Of course, we won’t know what happens until next week but needless to say, but it won’t be good and it won’t be long until Superman gets into the game because it’s his archenemy. Jon Cryer did a great job with Lex Luthor especially in regards to playing a sociopath who is also a brother. He has the while evil, brilliant, manipulative thing down. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next.

Written by Carly B., SUPERGIRL Beat Writer

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