SUPERGIRL Season 4 Episode 14 Review: Stand and Deliver

Supergirl is still balancing between helping her fellow aliens and keeping the Elite at bay. With help from Dreamer and J’onn, they capture Menagerie desperate from the others and interrogate her. They find them as they attack Lockwood at one of his speeches. Supergirl saves them but the Elite escape. Supergirl and J’onn being back together definitely yields better results. 

They drop Menagerie off at the DEO and the General assigns Alex to Ben Lockwood’s security detail. Alex is pissed at this new set up but has no choice but to do her job. She protects him at a press conference in which he wants to repeal the Alien Amnesty Act and to send aliens back to their home planets. It’s all very surreal and sadly familiar to our current situation. A pro-Alien March is scheduled in response to his conference. 

Along with J’onn and Dreamer, Supergirl keeps working to track down the rest of the Elite. They find a part of the Morae’s claw on a building’s balcony. The Elite have gone to the Kryptonian’s Fortress of Solitude. Hats and Manchester argue about the best way go about it. Hat thinks Manchester is on a suicide mission and Manchester wants to do whatever he can to kill Ben. They separate with the Morae going with Manchester. Their little evil vengeance group is falling apart. 

J’onn and Dreamer combine their powers to find Manchester and the Morae at the Fortress and they get Supergirl to help them. They take down the Morae but Manchester runs into a room in the Fortress which has a baby sun eater. Essentially a bomb. He’s presumed dead. But probably not. 

Brainy is put in charge of getting a team or agents on the ground for the march, but he is feeling uncomfortable about his role in this. Similar to Alex, who is guarding Lockwood. With no luck on finding Hat, Brainy asks Supergirl to march with aliens for the protest and admits to her that he organized the march. Plot twist. 

In addition to Supergirl’s team, one of James’ reporter (who is also an alien) is covering Lockwood’s speech and the rally against him and James goes with him in support. 

She initially denies saying she needs to patrol in case there’s an attack but she gets angry when she finds the man who she saved in the initial attack on Lockwood arguing for the repeal of the amnesty act. She then steps up and leads the march. Alex gets Lockwood out of the conference when he aggravates the crowd against the peaceful alien protesters. 

Unfortunately, he’s not their biggest threat. Manchester is actually alive and Hat used his tricks to make them believe he walked into the sun eater room. Manchester has a bunch of holograms out to scare people. J’onn goes after Manchester and Supergirl goes for Hat. They quickly capture Hat but Manchester is still harder to capture. He makes J’onn believe one of the children of Liberty is him and he attacks him. 

James, meanwhile, gets candid of the mess; aliens being shoved and attacked by the children of Liberty, aliens helping aliens. Supergirl is pleased to see the man she original saved, change his mind and help up an alien. 

The next day, James’ photos go wild and help change the conversation. With everything that happened, the conversation on repealing the alien amnesty act is put on hold. There’s at least one win for the good guys. Not a bad day for them. Of course, it can’t be all rainbows and sunshine. While James is leaving his office, he is shot in the back by an unknown assailant. This is most likely due to us position on the alien amnesty act. 

J’onn is going way too deep into this Manchester obsession. After what he did, he is determined to find him no matter what. 

James questions Lena’s assistant , Eve about the black budget. She assured him it's all above board although he’s clearly not convinced. However, she isn’t able to bring it to Lena yet. She’s definitely frying bigger fishes at the moment 

Nia is very into being the Dreamer. She wears her costume everywhere, following Supergirl’s every word. It’s very cute. With Supergirl and Brainy, she’s turning out to be quite a hero. This is definitely going to come in handy when they figure out who shot James and deal with the more nefarious Luthor.

Written by Carly B., SUPERGIRL Beat Writer

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