SUPERGIRL Season 4 Episode 13 Review: What's So Funny About Truth, Justice, and the American Way?

After the President’s horrible decision of letting Lockwood under a technicality, Kara is sending in article after article about the injustice of his release. Between her rants against him, she and Brainy assist Nia in training at the Fortress of Solitude. 

J’onn has a lot on his plate as well. He goes to visit Manchester (who recently agreed to see him), but it’s a trap. One of the guards (Hats) shoot him who turns out to be in cahoots with Manchester. As they leave, he hints he’s going to go after someone bigger. Supergirl arrives but Manchester reveals he has also gotten a Morae and Menagerie to assist him and Supergirl isn’t able to take all of them without getting a guard killed. Checkmate. 

Ben Lockwood is feeling himself after getting invited to meet with the President. He is even so ballsy as to ask that the Children of Liberty be deputized to deal with aliens. The president just laughs him off. Ben isn’t so happy being the poster boy anymore. 

Not long after, they start streaming their attacks on people who hurt aliens. They’re fighting radicalism with radicalism. Supergirl is a moment to late as they disappear. They continue their actions across the world and even steal the Crown Jewels of England, still filming their antics. Manchester calls Supergirl out for her old school ideals and tells her to meet him at dawn. 

She gets the location given to her with a flash of an image on the video. She meets him at a bar in Manchester, English. He wants to make a deal with Kara to keep out of her way as long as he and his team can deal with anti-alien types. He even tells her that the government is planning to shoot down a alien transport trying to come to earth. 

Supergirl confronts the President about this and he all but admits that they are planning to destroy an alien ship. He commands that they launch a missile the next day in case Supergirl interferes. Unfortunately for him, the Morae overheard him. Supergirl is torn over what to do and goes to a Alex who tells her to follow her gut. 

Supergirl and her friend come up against Manchester and his. They battle it out at the government facility but their intention was to reroute to missile to the White House. Alex, who joined their fight, gives her a distraction and her suit to fly to stop it. Unfortunately, Hats snagged Brainy’s ring and Manchester uses it to go after her. He’s a bad guy but you have to admit his tenacity is astounding. J’onn steps in to help our girl and she moves the satellite enough to miss the target and then destroys it. 

They won’t win this battle but there is more war to come. The President is pissy because Supergirl destroys the satellite and he makes Ben the Director of Alien Affairs in retaliation. Kara does her best to continue to speak out against them at her day job. 

Inspired by Kara’s position to stand for what is right, James has an employee (Mackenzie) delve deep into that story about a medical study with L-Corp. Seems like James and Lena are headed for a head butting. 

Speaking of Lena, she is in a new role at the DEO now that she is partnered with the government on her new alien serum. Alex finds out that Lena is trying to give people powers but also that she isn’t giving evening to her government. After the catastrophe with the satellite, Alex tells her she can trust her to keep this information secret. 

The Elite are still on the loose ready to wreak havoc. It’s only a matter of time before Supergirl gets in between them and The Government yer again

Written by Carly B., SUPERGIRL Beat Writer

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