SUPERGIRL Season 4 Episode 12 Review: Menagerie

Our Valentine’s Day themed episode starts with a pair of thieves who nearly get into a car accident after they barely miss a falling asteroid . One of them goes to the crater it made and is attacked by a snake like alien creature. Ugh. Alex gets on the scene along with Haley. They find the body of one of the thieves and he is fully intact except for his heart which has been eaten. Yeah just as gross as it sounds. 

Brainy pushes Nia to train despite her wanting time to grieve for her mother. He is invited to a Valentine’s Day party that she is having. It’s about time. 

Meanwhile, J’onn helps an alien woman who thinks her husband was kidnapped. He turns out to be a important man: Anthony Stuart, who helped draft the alien amnesty act. J’onn and Kara team up to look into this. 

Alex is feeling unfulfilled in her personal life especially in comparison to what J’onn has done since he has left. It doesn’t help when Brainy discusses his upcoming date with Nia Nal with her. However, he is good at multitasking and figures out that the alien seems attracted to jewelry and it’s a type of nutrition for it. 

They use this new information to track the alien but they are too late. Instead they bump into Kara and J’onn who have found the bodies of Stuart and his mistress with their hearts ripped out. Kara is giddy at the opportunity to work with her sister and they go to Nia’s party for Brainy’s help in scanning a strange substance found at the house. 

Brainy deduces it is human DNA from a woman named Pamela Ferrer. They go to her house and discover she has merged with the alien and together they are menagerie. Yes. So very very much like Venom. It’s insane. This freaks Alex out and she makes Kara go home. 

Agent liberty a.k.a. Ben is still in prison and we get a look into his visits with his family including his son that he is not so subtly trying to groom to be apart of his cult. His son, George, uses the Agent Liberty mask to ask for help catching the alien in Ben’s name so he will be released. The children of Liberty track it to a heart association ball where they attack it. This, of course, does nothing. They only put the other guests in danger until Supergirl flies Menagerie out of the building. Supergirl is being choked by the snakes from the symbiotic when Nia comes in fully dressed in her Dreamer costume and helps her after she sees her in trouble in a dream. With her help, Supergirl wounds Menagerie but the Children of Liberty, led by George, slice the head off. 

They get the credit for it despite Alex’s anger over them making the capture of Menagerie harder. Haley claims it’s better than giving Supergirl credit and that the President has a ‘plan’ in regard to her and the agents of Liberty which is to release Lockwood in order to look better in the press. This is going to cause hell. 

The woman that Menagerie inhabited is locked away in prison and with the return of Lockwood comes the return of Manchester Black who sends her a letter. No doubt he is coming back to wreak havoc. 

Alex and Kara finally have a heart to heart and Alex apologizes for not thinking she can take care of herself. Alex is ready to pursue her personal life of finding partner and adopting a child. 

Lena is going down a bad path. Colonel Haley comes to visit her and offers her a contract with the government to help make the US Military as powerful as aliens with the research she has. She mysteriously whisks James off to Paris. In the car, she tells him what Haley wanted and he tells her that her letting her work be militarized is a mistake and he’ll never be on the same page as her. She doesn’t hesitate to dump him rather coldly and accepts the contract. 

The villain this week was very played out. Menagerie comes right on the heels of Marvel’s Venom and it may as well have plagiarized the entire character down to the “We are Menagerie/Venom” line. Disappointed in this villain and hopefully we’ll get something more original with Lex Luther and Russian Supergirl coming up.

Written by Carly B., SUPERGIRL Beat Writer

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