SUPERGIRL Season 4 Episode 11 Review: Blood Memory

The long awaited episode about Nia Nal is finally here, but Kara is also dealing with several other problems as well. We get another look at Russian Supergirl’s training. After she seemingly died after being pushed too hard, her trainers revived her and a surge of energy went soaring out. Some of which hit some pills that drug dealers had and turned one of their customers into a 'roided up alien version of themselves. That’ll come back later. 

The gang gathers at Kara’s for game night and Nia tells them that she is going home to a town that has humans and aliens living in harmony. After completely blanking on Kara’s favorite movie, Alex gets called away when the guys affected by the pills start a fight at a bar. Supergirl, of course, comes to help but Alex is cold to her. 

Kara is concerned about how much is missing from her relationship with Alex since they erased her memory. Luckily she gets a distraction in the form of Nia who she offers to drive back home with her for Harvest Fest. 

On the drive, she tells Kara that she is trans and explains how her town is accepting of her and her alien family but she hasn’t told her family of her dreams yet. She also has a dream in the car of someone, we later discover is her mother, brushing her hair and drinking some type of liquid before transforming into a bird. Weird. 

Nia’s family welcomes Kara with open arms, but Nia keeping a secret has more to do with her sister. Kara learns from the family that only one women in a generation will get the ability to dream the future and since Nia has it, her sister, Maeve, won’t get it. Kara jumps from her sister drama to Nia’s. 

Back at the DEO, Alex and Brainy find out that the aliens they captured were actually frat boys. But Alex isn’t able to make them tell her who sold them drugs. The memory wipe is affecting Alex’s ability as well. That won’t be a problem because the dealers decide to start selling more of it for more money. 

Alex feels more and and more lost when she doesn’t foresee this and can feel something different about how her brain works. She’s so concerned she asks J’onn to scan her brain and he does but lies to her about what is missing. J’onn convinces her she just feels like she is missing a partner which gives her the idea of sending Brainy is pretending to be a frat boy and gets the information on the guys selling the pills. 

Kara keeps Maeve busy as Nia tries to ask her mom if it is possible that her powers can be transferred to Maeve. In a surprising turn of events, Nia’s mother gets bit by some spider and gets pulled into a dream with Nia who realizes she is the dreamer in the family. By the time she gets out of the dream, her mother is dead. 

The town turns Harvest fest into a memorial for their mother which is actually touching. However, it gets crashed by some agents of liberty who beat up and stole the drugs from the dealers and they’re being followed by the little sister, Bobbi, of one of the drug dealers. 

Nia saves her sister from being hurt by the children of liberty moments before they attack the memorial service. The DEO comes not soon after. Kara flies into action as Supergirl and prevents Alex from shooting one of the citizens who is about to harm Bobbi. Supergirl and Kara argue and Alex threatens to arrest her if she steps in again. She also calls her the girl of steel inside and out which is not cool. 

The hits keep coming for Nia and Kara. Maeve is upset at finding out her sister has powers and is so angry that she tells her she shouldn’t have the powers because she isn’t a real woman. Kara feels broken-hearted because of Alex and confides in Nia by showing her that she is really Supergirl. 

Erasing Alex’s “blood memory” gives her a lack empathy towards Supergirl and some aliens. Kara and J’onn can only hope that she doesn’t stay like this. 

Nia receives a gift from her mother via her father. Her official Dreamer superhero costume. After the crap she’s been through, it’s about time she get a little. 

Meanwhile, a worker at Catco found some shady numbers about LCorp and a secret budge. James allowed her to follow it but later recanted and says everything is in line although he never questioned Lena about it. Love definitely causes blindness in this case. 

We are starting to learn a little more about Russian Supergirl. By the end of the episode, she is still incapacitated but one of her trainers calls someone to ask for help from someone in America. Seems like a good time for Lex to come in.

Written by Carly B., SUPERGIRL Beat Writer

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