SUPERGIRL Season 4 Episode 10 Review: Suspicious Minds

After a whirl of a time with the Flash and Green Arrow, Supergirl is having a hard time being the best she can be since leaving the DEO. Being a hero is in her blood and it doesn’t help with the DEO is stifling her. Kara hears a mayday from a ship and hurries from her cycling day with Lena. Many of the crew have died but she gets there in time to save one of the passengers but as she gets rid of a bomb on the ship, some type of lit up alien grabs one of the dead bodies aboard. 

The DEO arrives not long after with Colonel Haley coldly telling Supergirl to take off despite her willingness to assist. Haley wants more than anything than to shut Supergirl down for good and goes to interrogate an agent to see if he saw anything with clues to her true identity. Her big mistake was telling Alex this. Alex gathers the handful of people who know that Kara is Supergirl and they dutifully agree to keep her identity a secret. 

The Danvers sister still rely on each other despite Haley’s opposition to Supergirl. Alex and Brainy look into information that Kara has found about there being no records anywhere of the ship that almost exploded, the Navy Seal that was killed or the Seal that was saved and mysteriously disappeared from DEO custody. I smell a conspiracy. 

Alex warns Kara of Haley’s wrath and she tries to stay off her radar. Kara instead goes to J’onn, now a private investigator, to investigate this alien. J’onn has kept records from the DEO and prepared for Kara after Brainy had earlier asked him to help Supergirl. They find out about an alien called Morae and a project surrounding them which includes one of the men who died on the ship. And it turns out Colonel Haley was apart of it too. She just gets shadier and shadier. 

The duo meet up with Alex as they investigate General Tan, the original leader of Project Morae. The Project was for them to use the alien race Morae and train them as assassins from the time they were children. They tried to kill them and the Morae fought back. The group runs out of time as the Morae attack. One ends up killing Tan while the other kills itself when Supergirl and Alex wants to bring it back to the DEO. 

Alex confronts Haley who claims she wasn’t covering anything up but doesn’t express any regret over her actions in torturing them. Alex is on the verge of quitting after Haley wants to use lethal force on the Morae but is only convinced to stay by Kara. As the Morae infiltrate the DEO, Haley gets an agent to confess to Supergirl’s true identity. 

The Morae overtake the DEO. They manage to kill one but another drags Haley off prepared to kill her. Supergirl arrives just in time to stop him and lock him in a cell. Despite this, Haley threatens Supergirl by telling her that she will work for them and follow her order or she’ll expose her and put everyone she loves in danger. Alex has had enough and full on clocks her in the face. It’s very satisfying to watch. 

The girls call in J’onn who erases Haley’s memory of her true identity despite being uneasy with it. Unfortunately, Haley continues her investigation and is now using a truth seeking alien. The only option is for J’onn to erase DEO agents’ memory of Supergirls true identity including Alex to keep them safe. 

After Kara went to a world that Alex didn’t know her, she hates knowing they’ll be more barriers between them. Haley is definitely causing more harm than good and needs to be dealt with soon. 

Nia and Brainy finally talk about her superhero potential which she isn’t super comfortable talking about but Brainy is adamant about her using her powers to assist Supergirl and gives her something to think about. 

Lena and James also make up after she’s been dodging him and he apologizes for his holier than thou attitude about her getting him safe from indictment since he was put into a compromising position by Agent Liberty as well. At their dinner later on, Lena even comes clean about trying to achieve enhancing humans and there is definitely a long pause by James agreed to support her. I’m feeling that but this relationship is definitely on its last legs. 

We see a scene of Supergirl’s Russian twin is getting stronger as she trains with her handlers wanting to control her more and more. If there’s anything that could cause more trouble for Supergirl right now it’s definitely an evil twin flying around.

Written by Carly B., SUPERGIRL Beat Writer

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