SUPERGIRL Season 4 Episode 9 Review: Elseworlds Part 3

We have our annual crossover with SUPERGIRL, THE FLASH and ARROW. Picking up from the last two nights Oliver Queen (The Green Arrow) and Barry Allen (The Flash) wake up to discover they have switched lives and go to Supergirl for help and having the red skies and lighting following them wherever they go. With help their respective teams, they manage to find the Doctor (Deegan) responsible for the chaos who was given a reality changing book by a man called The Monitor. The monitor claims he is testing them off a bigger threat and gives Deegan the book again rewriting reality once more. 

Coming directly on the heels of Arrow, Barry and Oliver have been put into the rolls of thieves. They manage to escape the cops but run into Deegan who has taken on the face and identity of Superman. He’s deluded himself into thinking he’s a hero, Barry and Oliver use against him to make him catch a falling tower while they escape. Not too shabby for the powerless heroes. 

Deegan’s narcissism really shows as we see the other changes he’s made. Star Labs have become a place for Superman to be fawned over by his Agent including John Diggle and Caitlin Snow. He’s also locked Kara up in a power dampener cell because he wasn’t able to manipulate her reality but ironically Alex’s reality was rewritten to be her guard. 

Barry and Oliver try to find Cisco to breach them to Kara’s earth and get Superman’s help but instead are pulled into a strange limbo universe by the Monitor who doesn’t give them much information except being incredibly vague. Seriously? Not getting the point to this guy. 

Barry and Oliver reason since heroes have become villains, Cisco must have too and track him down to a bar where he is known only as “The Boss”. Yeah a little unimaginative but there it is. Cisco doesn’t hear them out and instead sics his goons on him, led by James Olsen. 

They manage to peak Cisco’s attention by offering to help him get rid of Superman aka Deegan. Barry teaches Cisco how to teleport into a different earth and they come to Kara’s earth to ask for Superman’s help. They decide that Kara has to be locked up in Star Labs along with the book. Kara is still locked up in Star Labs and is trying to convince Alex that she isn’t who Deegan says she is and after telling her stories of her life with her sister in a different Earth, Alex is convinces. They are cornered by Diggle, Deegan and Caitlin but luckily Cisco vibes the real Superman with Barry and Oliver in at the right moment. 

Superman fights Deegan while Kara and the other retrieve the book. Kara gets it to Clark who starts fixing reality the way it was supposed to be but Deegan threatens to kill Barry and Oliver hesitates to shoot him. This gives Deegan the time to fly off with the book. Barry and Oliver are off their game today. 

They come up with a plan for Kara and Barry to slow down time by running in opposite directions at Mach 7 to give Clark time to get the books back. Clark thinks it’s a bad idea because he saw their demise happening that way but they take off. Oliver disappears as well to convince the Monitor that Barry and Kara are the best out of all of them and he needs to save them. 

Superman isn’t having much success in getting the book back out of nowhere Brainy, Lois Lane and J’onn show up. They manage to help hold their own while Oliver comes in at the last moment and shoots the book with a special blue tipped arrow that destroyed the book and causing Deegan to turn back to himself if not more grayish. Well that seems a little lackluster. 

The others see Supergirl and her compatriots off their own Earth. Superman and Lois decide to stay on Argo for a little while after telling Kara that they’re having a baby together. In addition, Clark proposes to Lois. Looks like Superman is going to be out of the picture for a while and may be permanently hanging up his cape and tights. 

Barry and Oliver have a traditional drink and a send off but Oliver is confronted with a call from Batwoman (who they received help from earlier). Apparently she has received word that Deegan now locked up in Arkham has made friends with another inmate, Psycho Pirate. 

This crossover has set up for next years crossover based on Crisis on Infinite Earth which has Psycho Pirate in a pivotal role where the Anti-Monitor wants to destroy life on all worlds so the Monitor gathers all heroes and villains to fight back. The end of this episode hinted to Kara and Barry’s death which happens in the comics. Oliver also seemed to have maybe made a shady deal with The Monitor so who knows if everything is what it seems. We won’t know until the next crossover in Fall 2019. SUPERGIRL will be back in January.

Written by Carly B., SUPERGIRL Beat Writer

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