AQUAMAN 2 Sets Official Release Date For December 2022

AQUAMAN is the highest grossing Warner Bros. superhero movie worldwide ever, so it was obvious a sequel would be coming. What was not obvious is how the studio would name a spin-off franchise so quickly when they revealed THE TRENCH would go into development.

With THE TRENCH is entrenched in development right now, so too is AQUAMAN 2.

A release date has been made official for AQUAMAN 2 and it will hit U.S. theaters on December 16, 2022.

David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick will be back to write the sequel to the first film he also co-wrote with director James Wan. It remains to be seen if Wan will take the helm and return to direct AQUAMAN 2 as of the publishing of this post, but he will be back in a producer role.

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