SUPERGIRL Season 4 Episode 8 Review: Bunker Hill

It seems we are finally getting more information on the elusive Nia Nal. Despite her requesting her roommate to keep her awake, Nia falls asleep and has strange visions of Agent Liberty. Not exactly symptoms of narcolepsy. Her fatigue is starting to show especially when she thinks she sees Agent Liberty at Catco and spooks Kara. 

After telling Brainy and Alex about Nia, Brainy apparently knows that Nia Nal is going to be very significant in the future and can help locate Agent Liberty. This is exactly the kind of thing that is helpful but Brainy thinks it’ll change the space time continuum so he won’t reveal much. 

Meanwhile, Manchester uses the old your family doesn’t know your true identity so I’m going to pop up like I know you bit on Ben Lockwood. He is visibly shook and tries to get Manchester out but Manchester has the upper hand and forces him to play nice in front of his wife. Bad karma. Manchester gets violent and throws Ben into a display when he tries to attack him. He demand he gets his Agent Liberty mask and show it to his wife. 

Kara visited Nia who admits that she is an alien from a planet called Naltor and she can dream the future but she can’t always understand it. With Brainy’s assistance, Nia is able to focus her dream of Agent Liberty killing someone who looks an awful lot like Ben Lockwood’s wife. They know this probably happens somewhere in Collinswood so the three go to investigate. Kara become aware that they are being followed by children of Liberty and attempts to use them by getting captured but Nia and Brainy get take as well. Ah well, the best laid plans. 

Nia is actually very helpful for a newbie. She has a vision of them about to be shot and is quick enough that it misses her and breaks the chains she’s in. Brainy and Kara take care of the other two. They call Alex when they find out they were in a Lockwood Steel Factory and she confirms (through a bluff with a prisoner) that Ben is Agent Liberty and Kara takes off to bring him in. 

Meanwhile at the Lockwood house, Manchester makes Ben get in his Agent Liberty getup in front of wife (Lydia) so he can kill him. Manchester even nearly gets to him but J’onn evades his kind (as he’s done throughout his torture of Ben) and Manchester gets off his game and Ben and him start fighting. Ben attempts to run away from him like a coward but Manchester catches up to him at one of his factories. 

Nia and Brainy are in another part of the factory where she gets another part of the vision that looks like Ben’s wife coming in to shoot Manchester. Nia isn’t able to make out much but Supergirl comes in to stop Manchester from shooting Ben. He goes on the offense and throws a moondust bomb in her face which does some damage. Supergirl’s reasoning does nothing for him and he traps her in Nth metal. He’s bad but he isn’t stupid that’s for sure. 

Luckily, Nia is quickly coming into her own as a one of the latest journalist superheros. As Manchester attempts to shoot Ben and Lydia gets in the way to try and defend him but Nia knocks Manchester out with a hook. Lydia tries to get Ben to leave but he tries to kill Manchester, however, Supergirl uses all her strength to fly the building which is stuck to the Nth metal and breaks it in time to stop Ben and save Lydia from falling. 

Ben and Manchester are both imprisoned but Ben is still seen as human rights activist and martyr. Supergirl is demanded to reveal her secret identity by the President since Ben has called her out. She refuses and is released from the DEO. Catco is being protested for their views on Agent Liberty and protests outside the men’s prison for Ben’s release. Supergirl watches as Ben is imprisoned but nothing has changed. 

J’onn hasn’t completely given up on Manchester and he has good reason not to, but he may be too far gone. It wouldn’t be surprising if he pops up later to help them out. 

Brainy is starting to become quite a mentor to Nia. It’ll be interesting to see them working together to help her learn how to control her abilities. There can never be enough superhero journalists. 

Supergirl refuses to put her family at risk by revealing her identity as Kara, but this also means not having the resources to help people. The president isn’t as welcoming of aliens as Marsden. It wouldn’t be surprising if Supergirl intends to get into a fight with him or if the Russian Supergirl may do that for her.

Written by Carly B., SUPERGIRL Beat Writer

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