SUPERGIRL Season 4 Episode 7 Review: Rather The Fallen Angel

Supergirl seems to be getting more and more enemies by the moment as the children of Liberty movement expands. The episode begins with Supergirl having assisted Manchester Black in stopping a robbery by a Child of Liberty who was intending on stealing alien fission rods. Manchester is eager to get in on the action but Supergirl doesn’t completely trust him. They manage to get a lead on a cargo ship that the Children of Liberty want and Manchester Black finds it but it is empty with only the clue of a shipping label. She benches him when he gets physical with a random guy. 

James, having allowed himself to be taken, meets with Agent Liberty himself who requests that he destroys a monument which James refuses. Agent Liberty doesn’t seem to concerned by his lack of enthusiasm and is plotting to kill Supergirl using the fission rods they managed to acquire. 

One of the men he spoke with, Tom, seems to help James and gets him out but outside James realizes he’s somewhere called Shelley Island which has a video of Supergirl saying that the island will dampen alien’s powers. Tom managed to trip and get himself caught so James agreed to help Agent Liberty to save him. Yeah that feels like he’s been set up. 

Alex helps to try and locate where the Cargo came from and reveals the dead members of Children of Liberty had broken jaws, something that Manchester’s brass knuckles could easily do. J’onn vouches for him and believes he couldn’t be capable of that. Supergirl goes to make amends and at the same time gets information form Brainy that the cargo container had at one time housed a substance that has the power of a nuclear explosion. 

Turns out that Shelley Island is a type of Ellis Island for aliens and Manchester and Supergirl figure out that’s where the cargo was unloaded. Supergirl is prepared with a Kryptonians sun grenade but Manchester stabs her in the back and takes out the piece that she needs it to work and gives her over to the children of Liberty. Jerk move. 

From far away, Ben Lockwood spreads propaganda about some of the children of Liberty who went missing (courtesy of Manchester) and questions if Supergirl has anything to do with if. He also watches as his plan for Supergirl goes into action. As he threatens James into destroying the monument that he is unaware that Supergirl is in. Actually interesting dilemma here. 

Supergirl struggles to get free from the building and gets to the window by climbing up the, she manages to see James he is arming the nuclear explosion. Manchester is taken to Agent Liberty who is a fake (as Ben Lockwood is preparing to go on TV). As soon as he mentions Fiona, Manchester knows he isn’t real as they know he is only there to avenge Fiona. He kills the children of Liberty watching him. At the same time, Supergirl gets James’ attention before he blows up the monument. He begins to fight them and Tom gets loose (so easily). Manchester comes to help fight them off and destroys the power dampeners and lets Supergirl loose in time for her to send the explosion into the sky. 

During all this, Lena has decided to proceed in human testing for her plans to make humans super and to help cure everything that ails people. Eve is all for it but Lena is still wary especially when she meets the test subject. She’s in trouble when she starts bonding with the kid subject, Adam, over their mutual lack of heroism. He starts to freak out when Lena reveals his real reason for being there and he feels he’s unworthy to be apart of the experiment because his better heroic brother died for him to get a kidney. Lena raises Adam one dead mother story in which she believes it was her fault for not running to her or screaming for him while she was drowning. She nearly shuts down the trials but he convinces her not to. Unfortunately, he dies after exhibiting some superhuman ability for a few moments. 

Kara finds James burning the midnight oil and he admits that he understands why Lena helped him with the DA. He attempts to make amends with Lena but she blows him off, emotionally exhausted from the day. 

J’onn is very disappointed in Manchester but Manchester doesn’t budge from his position. Instead he sticks him with an empathy amplifier and makes him feel everything he feels. In an unsettling Juxtaposition, J’onn comes to see Kara at her apartment and is heartbroken to admit he was wrong about Manchester after knowing he truly killed the people. The episode ends on Manchester driving his motorcycle up to the Lockwood steel factory. He finally got the information he needed. 

Supergirl was of course rightly upset at Manchester betraying her but is conflicted because he saved her as well. Manchester seems to be bordering on an anti-hero but who knows what he can come back from now that J’onn gave up on him. 

Lena delving into her last seems to be setting up for a reunion with her brother that is to take place this year. Will Lex propel her research into helping create super humans or will he discourage it? 

Right now it seems like Agent Liberty is everyone’s main concern. He has proven he wants Supergirl dead but now that one of his followers has left him, it seems more might leave once they know what he is truly capable of.

Written by Carly B., SUPERGIRL Beat Writer

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