SUPERGIRL Season 4 Episode 6 Review: Call to Action

With the holidays coming up, the citizens of National City prepare for Thanksgiving. A nice couple (one who is an alien) gets terrorized by the children of liberty but are saved by Manchester Black. Supergirl comes in time to help him out and sees an array of flyers with the Children of Liberty’s manifesto with anti-alien rhetoric. Happy holidays indeed. 

Alex and Supergirl meet with Colonel Haley who is being a hardass and chastises them for going off on their own. She tells them they won’t be looking into the Children of Liberty anymore and they’ll focus on other missions. However, Alex has Brainy look into secretly. Or so she hopes. He’s not getting the whole under the radar thing. 

Lena and Jakes are not doing so well. While Lena wants James publicly disavow the Children of Liberty on a talk show, James wants to talk to them and try and change their minds. Definitely kind of a cat fight when Lena pulls rank as his boss. Of course, James is too stubborn and passes on the buck to Kara while he meets with them. 

J’onn seems to be keeping in touch with Manchester. He comes over to invite him to Thanksgiving dinner. He politely declines and goes back to torturing the officer who is also a Children of Liberty he has tied up in his bathroom. After taking more time beating him up, Manchester realizes he could see J’onn’s help. 

Kara and Nia (who is having trouble with her alleged narcolepsy) prepare for the interview. Kara is surprised to learn she’ll be debating against Ben Lockwood. For the most part, Kara keeps her own against him but in the end, he brings up Thanksgiving as being glazed over as English invaders slaughtering the native Americans and the fears the same can happen with the aliens and humans now. 

James is on a walk with a member of the Children of Liberty; one of the ones who attacked the alien couple. James gets more and more disturbed by their conversation. 

Thanksgiving at the Danvers is quite an event. Kara, Alex, Eliza, Nia, Brainy and J’onn are all their helping. They’re soon joined by Manchester and James. Nia is acting weird about her narcolepsy and doesn’t want assistance finding a doctor. And Lena is still upset at James about going to see the children of Liberty by himself. Oddly enough, with everyone there, they get to the conclusion by James conversation with the man from the group and the dogs they’ve trained to recognize aliens that they have marked the houses of aliens and will be attacking at sunset. 

They all go to work. Manchester takes off mysteriously. Alex and Supergirl go to defend the aliens. And James decides to try the peaceful route which Lena doesn’t approve of. Their fight gets heated when Lena reveals she took care of the DA problem for him. 

Ben, a.k.a. Agent Liberty, is pretending to be father of the year and helping with Thanksgiving. Of course his recruits are preparing to attack other alien families with no regard. Supergirl and Brainy do their best to protect the aliens by erasing the markers. They manage to do help most but one family is attacked and the young girl’s pet reptile turns into a gigantic dragon to protect them. Supergirl managed to subdue the dragon before he does any damage and he returns his natural state. That’s one way to deal own bigots. 

Colonel Haley isn’t happy with Supergirl as Alex going off mission but she can’t do anything as they were right. Alex even tells her that she won’t stop following her instincts despite her threats. The team has stopped one fight but they still have more complications on their hands. James gets taken by agents of Liberty after confronting the guy he stopped from attacking the aliens. 

Nia is lying about either having narcolepsy or being treated from it or something else. My guess is she’s also an alien or the product of a human and an alien. Time will tell. Manchester is going bad as well. It is alleged he killed some of the Agents of Liberty and may kill the officer he has been torturing as well. 

Lena is having a hard time with work. She’s trying to use the Haranel she took from Kara’s mother to try and use it to kill cancerous tumors. That are on hearts. After some disappointing failures, she learns that that Haranel made one of the hearts invincible. At the Thanksgiving dinner, Lena starts talking about some radical ideas as well. She mentions how if humans had superpower, their wouldn’t be so many hate groups. Her fight with James leads her to proceed with testing and requests a human subject. Looks like Lex might pop in soon with Lena getting a bit power hungry?

Written by Carly B., SUPERGIRL Beat Writer

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