SUPERGIRL Season 4 Episode 5 Review: Parasite Lost

Kara hosts a rooftop garden brunch at her apartment with her friends including James, Lena, Brainy, J’onn, Alex and Nia. They enjoy the tiny bit of peace that they have in their lives while discussing upcoming events; Kara has landed a huge interview with an Amadei Derros, an alien healer, James is dealing with the Guardian support from the anti-alien extremist group and Alex has to deal with Colonel Haley at the DEO. 

Kara takes Nia with her to the interview where they’re amazed to see his healing powers in actions as he heals an alien boy who was in a wheelchair, but can now walk. Sitting down with him, he reveals that he agree to this interview to prove how aliens aren’t just villains even though he isn’t able to heal humans yet.While Kara’s article brings a lot of positive reactions, some of the comments are negative and violent towards aliens. Despite Kara being out there on the front lines, she is often surprised by the hate that humans can have towards any one who’s different. 

Jensen is feeling the pain of the parasite given to him by Agent Liberty but begins to enjoy the power when he finds out that with it he can absorb any alien’s powers while killing them. 

Alex is walking on eggshells around her new babysitter, Colonel Haley. Surprisingly, Haley encourages her to go after Jensen when they get a lead. They find Jensen at a show where shapeshifters are showing off their abilities. Supergirl arrives there with back up but Jensen begins sucking her life force making her weak. Luckily, Alex steps in but he shape shifts using another aliens power and disappears. Kara is benched until they can get the parasite out of Jensen. Jensen is weak from the parasite and Agent Liberty tries to use his connections to find a way to cure him. 

J’onn is called by Amadei’s assistant, Cassian. He brings him back to the house where he meets up with Kara. Someone has taken Amadei’s amulet that was on his body and he is now dying. J’onn reads his mind and finds out that a woman was one of the last people he saw. With Brainy’s help, they find the woman, Elizabeth. Kara and J’onn go to her house and she tries to keep her distracted while they search the house but J’onn is caught by her mother. Before her mother tries to stab him with a knife, they explain why they’re there and they tell him that Elizabeth is Amadei’s daughter and he refused to acknowledge her. So not such a great guy after all. 

Kara, of course, tries to shoulder the blame for writing about him as though he was a saint. They start by digging into his past. They find out that Elizabeth’s mom lied about only meeting him once and they see many pictures of them together. They go to confront her and she admits she made sure that Amadei never knew about his daughter and that Elizabeth would think he didn’t want anything to do with her. 

Apparently, mommy has been on the dark web and found the Children of Liberty and gave the amulet to Jensen, making him virtually invincible. They track Jensen to Amadei’s vigil. Alex and her team set up a dome to contain him while they try and bring him down using uranium blasters. They’re useless unless the power is increased to over 500 percent which will kill all the civilians in the dome. Ignoring Haley’s orders to shoot him, Alex talks Jensen down and he eventually takes the amulet off and collapsing, just as the dome disappears. 

James is not loving this new attention that Guardian is getting. With all the fringe groups on his side, he feels like should step up and say something but Lena convinces him not to. They’re invited to a media event where they run into Guardian’s biggest fan, Ben Lockwood. James shuts down Ben’s attempt to have him open up to the fringe groups. Ben baits James into going to help as Guardian. This only fuels the Children of Liberty. 

Of course the harmony between Alex and Haley had to come to an end eventually. It was too easy. Haley commends her for defeating Jensen but tells her how she didn’t like J’onn in power after he revealed he wasn’t human. Alex defends him which makes Haley upset about their differing opinions. That camaraderie is gone now. 

Speaking of J’onn, he is becoming somewhat of a private eye as aliens start coming to him. It’ll be interesting to see him take on a role that is not completely passive but not altogether violent as well. 

Kara, wants to use her journalistic skills to reach out to the people of National City by doing a series of articles about the aliens in the city. With all the hatred that she has seen, she believes that this will be the way best to reach people. 

Lena seems to be realizing how deep the alien hatred runs when one of her acquaintance tells her he agrees about Ben Lockwood’s views. James seems to want to get more hands on in finding the Children of Liberty and getting them to listen to him. Like Kara and the others trying to take the peaceful approach.

Written by Carly B., SUPERGIRL Beat Writer

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