SUPERGIRL Season 4 Episode 4 Review: Ahimsa

The team is in disarray as they try and deal with the aftermath of the Kryptonite issue. Hank is upset with himself for not helping Kara when she came to him. Brainy and Lena go to work on eradicating Kryptonite from the air. Everyone is sent off to their jobs. 

The Graves siblings are manage to turn another DEO agent stationed in a desert facility. He kidnaps two alien prisoners and a strange parasite type of worm that they test on the aliens. 

Kara wakes up in the suit and manages to compose herself long enough for Alex to tell her she can’t fight in the suit. Alex is having a hard time dealing with being a leader especially with the news that two of her own have turned. But she tried to rally the troops and get Kara to stay put. She was definitely putting out big sister vibes. 

Hank is confronted by Fiona’s fiancĂ© who is also looking for her and is introduced as Manchester Black. Using Hank’s telepathy and Manchester’s questioning of a police officer, they manage to find out that Agent Liberty will be attacking a police precinct. Kinda random but okay. 

Alex goes out with a team to stop them. They’re greeted by the alien prisoners who seem to be under the control of Agent Liberty using the parasite he has and Fiona. Although, she was told to stay at the DEO, Supergirl comes through and save an agent from getting shot but not long after she gets her ass severely kicked and only survives thanks to Hank coming in. Along with Manchester, they manager to stop the aliens from attacking. After being berating by the President for letting Supergirl out, Alex turns on her to do some berating of her own. 

Everyone is feeling the pressure lately. Brainy even get a bit teary eyed out of frustration. It’s a bit unnerving to see. However, Lena teaches him how to lock up the feelings to focus on the science and they manage to find a way to use nanites to clear the atmosphere of Kryptonite. Not bad for an oddly formed team up. 

Hank using Manchester’s ring that was giving to him by Fiona, manages to find a telepathic link to her and find out she is somewhere public near food and music. With this information and a pep talk to Alex, Brainy is able to locate where Fiona is: At the National City state fair. Being more assured of herself, Alex gets Supergirl to help her get Fiona back. 

Alex, Supergirl, Hank, and Manchester all get to the scene as the mind controlled aliens start to wreak havoc. Supergirl seems to be holding her own while being cautious until the air is completely cleared. Despite pleasing from Nia Nal, James comes in as Guardian to help the team out. Brave but not very bright. While Mercy and Otis try to shoot Supergirl as she’s weakened, they are surprisingly killed by one of the aliens they used after the mind control is broken. Well that didn’t take long for them to go bye bye. It’s a great win for the others but not so much for Fiona. Manchester is besides himself when he and Hank get to Fiona, just in time for her to die in his arm. It is truly heartbreaking. You really get invested in 40 minutes. This is definitely going to set him on a warpath for revenge. 

Despite Alex’s successful mission and the Kryptonite eradicated from the air, a colonel is sent to watch over Alex on the orders of the President. This new guy is already getting on my nerves. 

James is very pleased with himself despite barely helping at all. There have been no new charges against Guardian despite their fears. However, Nia brings a series of serticles to his attention about how Guardian is a “Human” hero and wants to help kill aliens. Of course it is written by none other than Ben Lockwood, Agent Liberty himself. Yeah I can’t see this playing out too well for the editor of Catco. 

The Graves siblings did set of Agent Liberty but it looks like he’s going through his mission by himself. He even uses the parasite on Jensen to tears the effects of it. 

A new update involving our favorite clone, Russian Supergirl is seen having come out of an enclosure being told that the Kryptonite is cleared from the air and she is free to get back to training. Well that gives us information that her body is definitely Kryptonians and not some alien shapeshifter thing. With us losing the Graves siblings as villains, it may be time for Russian Kara to make an appearance in National City.

Written by Carly B., SUPERGIRL Beat Writer

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