FX Head Confirms Marvel TV is Who Canceled the DEADPOOL Animated Series

Earlier this year, in March, news broke that FX and Marvel Television were not going forward with a mature-rated DEADPOOL animated series created by Donald Glover and his brother Stephen, citing the bullshit excuse of creative differences. It was a shock in that several days later Donald penned a faux script using the Merc With a Mouth cleverly citing what really went down the the series' cancelation.

Without saying it outright in his 14 script pages, Donald pretty much put all the blame on Marvel and their want to sell Deadpool toys to kids, among other reasons. If you never read his faux script, you can by clicking right here.

Well now, FX head John Landgraf has opened up about the cancelation of the DEADPOOL animated series and he confirmed it was not mutual creative differences and it was in fact Marvel TV who shut the series down. Via Deadline:

"Landgraf made it clear the decision was entirely Marvel’s. 'Marvel controls the IP and the decisions around the IP. it was their decision not to go forward with Donald and Stephen’s version, I personally liked it.' ..."

So there you have it. If you want to be angry at someone for the cancelled DEADPOOL animated series, direct your anger at the Marvel Television division.

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