SUPERGIRL Season 3 Episode 22 Review: Make It Reign

Serena arrives with two fellow Daughters of Juru in tow and now armed with the same powers as Supergirl. With help from the slime ball Coville, they prepare to raise Reign. 

Back on Argo, Kara and Mon-El with help from her mother search Selena’s home to see if there is a way to warn the others of what is coming. At the home, they find a hologram crystal that shows Selena and reveals the she wanted Reign and Samantha split so that Reign could be used to destroy earth. 

After they finish speaking, the home blows up in a attempt to kill them but they get out mostly unscathed. While theorizing how else Selena would’ve attempted to leave Argo, Alura tells Kara how her father was working on a Portal to save the Kryptonians but it failed and that’s a possible way that Selena would’ve tried to leave. 

They find the portal working but they still have to get in contact with the DEO so they know they’re arriving. All very convenient but okay. Kara is able to bring up the hologram of Alura up at the DEO and speak to Winn and Alex through her mother’s form. Ironically, Winn is the one who’s able to get both portals working and interface them. 

Samantha has been hit with some type of illness due to the split between her and Reign. Lena and Alex attempt to heal her by using supercharged sun lamps. When that fails, Lena tries to use the HarunEl to get answers. 

With Coville’s and the Daughters of Juru’s attempt to resurrect Reign. However, she can’t take form by herself and needs the blood of Purity and Pestilence, which is currently at the DEO. Lucky them. 

Just as Winn seems to have the portal ready to bring them back to earth, the dark Kryptonians arrive. Alex, with Kryptonite weapons, manages to subdue two of the dark Kryptonians and keep the blood of Pestilence and Purity (as well as Sam and Ruby) away from them. This gives the others enough time to manipulate the third witch into opening the portal for them and come through. One of the DEO agents who has the blood samples, Demos, gets killed by the three witches when Winn’s belt shield fails to protect him. Supergirl manages to destroy the vials in Selena’s hands before they disappear. Or so they think because nothing is ever that easy. 

Selena and her posse arrive back at their hideout and are able to use the residual blood on her hand to awaken Reign. With Reign now at their command, they begin the process of terraforming earth and kill Coville. 

They believe that the Fountains of Lilith, another Kryptonian place, may have given Reign her powers. The best way for them to find it is to send Sam back to the Dark Valley by electrocuting her. With Lena with Sam on her mission. The others, now joined by Hank and Myr’nn, work on finding where Reign is as the destruction of Earth begins to set in. 

Hank has spent the episode with his father while they perform the Reach. As they begin nearing the end, they begin to feel the effects of the dark witches’ schemes. They stop the ceremony to assist the others but they are no doubt going to have to deal with this soon enough. 

With Winn’s new nonviolent technology failing on Demos and ending with his death, he’s sure to feel some guilt on that. It could even jog him into being against nonviolent weapons. 

Alex, tagged with baby fever, has been looking into adopting. Along with her desire to have a family and her closeness with Ruby. It brings into question if we may see Alex leave the DEO to raise a family of her own soon. The finale next week should resolve the question of what will happen to Sam, Reign, if Kara decides to stay on Earth or go back to her home with her mother and if Kara is willing to kill to keep her family alive.

Written by Carly B., SUPERGIRL Beat Writer

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