SUPERGIRL Season 3 Episode 20 Review: Dark Side of the Moon

This episode picks up right where we left off: Mon-El and Supergirl zooming across space after a similar rock to the Yuda Kal. They’re not flying too long before they’re lassoed by an alien tractor beam by some sort of flying colony.They transform the ship into a giant flying brain to fly in under the radar. 

Back on Earth, Alex and Ruby are bonding while waiting for news from Supergirl and the DEO. While out shopping around, Alex and Ruby come across some strange guy who shoots at them and throws a bomb their way. Alex is quick on feet and gets it out of harm's way. 

Lena is doing everything she can to stop Reign from escaping but Reign continues to bait her. Lena even question about using a possible kill switch to end Reign but also ending Sam’s life too. 

Mon-El and Kara don’t have long to be amazed by this world they weren’t expecting until the people are on their their heels. They find the rock in a memorial, which Kara recognizes as a Krypton memorial. Before they’re nearly shot by robotic caretakers, she is reunited by shockingly alive mother, Alura. Cue the angst. 

Alura explains that the city, Argo, survived thanks to Kara’s father. He used the rock of Yuda Kal to shield the city and keep it stable and the air breathable. Conveniently, they’re not able to spare any. A high council is called to determine if they can give Kara any but in the meantime, Kara and Alura bond and catch up to what they’ve missed in each other’s lives. 

Alex brings Ruby to the DEO for Winn to look after while they try and figure out who is trying to kill Alex. Alex decides it may be her first arrest, a man who recently made parole. Winn, whose kinda the world's worst babysitters gets cranky with Ruby which just upsets her. Sleep deprivation brings out the worst in us all. She eventually forgives him when she tells him about his own evil dad. More bonding. 

Alex goes to visit the ex-sheriff who she put in prison. He has no idea about the attempt on her life and is only interested in drinking himself into a stupor. As she leaves the bar, there is another attempt on her life as she jumps off her motorcycle just before it explodes. Alex is not popular this episode. 

She decides to lay a trap for whoever is after her. Hank shape-shifts into Alex and goes jogging to try and smoke out the Assassin. Alex finds a sharpshooter on a building and they’re made as she chases after him. It turns out he is the twin brother of one of the Fort Rozz prisoners she arrested. She manages to knock him down and arrest him before Hank even arrives. 

Meanwhile, back on Argo aka tiny Krypton, Kara stepped before the council and pleaded for the use of some of the Yuda Kal rock. It’s a close call but a swing vote in her favor lands her the rock. Mon-El and Supergirl get back just as Reign breaks free of her prison and we end with Supergirl and Reign about to do major damage to each other. 

This episode sees Alex as the bad ass agent she has been since even before Supergirl came into play. She’s also questioning whether or not she can have the future she wants as a mother and still do her job. 

I feel like the Alura reveal was underwhelming. I’d expect a bit more angst and maybe more heartfelt moments. Hopefully they won’t just use her a plot point and move on. We also get a quick look at the dark Kryptonian who has even helping the Worldkillers and is actually a member of the council on Argo. That's sure to come back around. There’s certainly more potential to be had now that Kara has found some more of her people.

Written by Carly B., SUPERGIRL Beat Writer

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