SUPERGIRL Season 3 Episode 21 Review: Not Kansas

Just as Reign escapes from her prison, Supergirl and Mon-El get back with the black rock. While they keep her distracted, Lena works on getting the antidote for Sam. Using their combined strengths, Supergirl and Mon-El hold Reign down as they inject her with the antidote. She is literally separated from Sam and destroyed. That seems a bit too easy but okay. Sam is taken to the infirmary where she is monitored and is able to finally see Ruby. 

Supergirl asks Lena about making a synthetic type of the Harun El black rock for the people of Argo. 

Meanwhile, Kara speaks to Alex about returning back to Argo to see her mother. With her blessing and a send off from the DEO, she gets ready for her sabbatical away from earth. With Mon-El in tow (under the guise of asking about an antigravity device), they fly back to Argo and are greeted by her mother. 

Kara catches up with her mother and finds an old friend who survived, Thara. Kara and Mon-El witness a construction building fall and nearly hit them and others. Thara believes it wasn’t up to code but Kara is more skeptical. Mon-El gives her his legionnaire ring just in case she needs to fly. 

Back on the Earth, Guardian and Winn are dealing with the slowness of the crime around the city. Eventually, things pick up when the police chase after a bank robber. Guardian comes just in time to save a cop as the suspect fires off at them. 

Hank meets up with them and sees the results of their ballistics tests show that the gun fired at James is one of the DEO’s. They go directly to the manufacturer. They’re shocked to find that he is selling assault rifles that can be modified. Hank immediately orders him to comply with the investigation and shut down the selling of these weapons. 

Hank is having a hard time coming to terms with his father’s dying. His father wants to do a Martian ceremony called The Reach (think Vulcan mind meld) to share his memories with Hank. Hank refuses to believe it is the end. 

Hank and James are able to pinpoint the suspect with Winn’s help. It turns out he wasn’t trying to rob the bank, but trying to get revenge on a law firm in the same plaza. The DEO manages to get there before any damage is done and Hank talks down the shooter and has a non-violent resolution, for once. 

Kara and Mon-El have dinner with Thara and her husband as by reminisce about old times Mon-El who now has the gravity manipulator. Kara is having a hard time adjusting to a peaceful life. While Thara and her husband complain about their first world problems, Kara finds the same woman who was looking at her in the market staring at her outside the restaurant. Kara is put on edge and confronts her but Thara writes off her concern. 

Alura also believes her daughter is reading too much into it as well. Kara takes the time to go for a walk and meets up with Mon-El. While they’re finally having a heart to heart about why he really came back, they’re interrupted by an attack by a robot. Kara, being quick on her feet, flies them up and is able to make the robot destroy itself before confronting the same woman who's been stalking them. 

She claims to be a follower of Selena, the same woman who was on the council with Alura and was guiding the Worldkillers. They are called by her mother only to discover their ship is gone. Apparently, Selena and some of her followers have taken the ship and flew back to earth where they are met by Coville who has a crystal. 

Supergirl brings up yet another testy topic: The Gun debate. In this case, they have Lena being pro-gun while James is anti. The crisis that Hank and James went through brings Hank to make a surprising decision to stop using lethal weapons at the DEO. It’s an interesting change of events that many of the agents are wary of. We’ll see how using non-lethal weapons work out for them. 

Hank also comes to terms that he wasn’t ready to lose his father but that it wasn’t his choice. He prepares for the Reach with him. 

With Coville giving the crystal to Selena who creates a possible new Worldkiller lair, it doesn’t look like the era of Reign is over yet. Yes it was way too soon to start thinking Kara could actually be happy with her mother. Only time will tell.

Written by Carly B., SUPERGIRL Beat Writer

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